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  1. H&K makes a killer pistol... I just don't like the pricetag, but you get what you pay for IMO. I shot my buddy's .40 USP Compact and loved it so much, I always make sure to keep shopping local gun shows for a deal on a .45 Compact. My full-size XD9 is not my ideal EDC, but will be if I don't invest in another pistol.
  2. 115gr. Hornady at home, 124gr. Blazers at the range. I've yet to run a +P load through my gun.
  3. I love my LaRue mount! I have an Aimpoint red dot on mine, rather than an ACOG. Great product. I got a new camera, so I took a couple more pics of my 6940. The iPhone pics before didn'y really do it much justice. I hope these are better.
  4. Hey, guys. I'm looking to add to the collection, but here's my only baby... minus the AR, of course. Springfield XD9. 9mm loads for HD/SD are 115gr. Hornady Critical Defense. She'll be my EDC when the permit comes, but until then, she spends most of her time in the nightstand or glovebox. Moved on from crappy cell phone pictures to a new camera, but I'm not much of a photographer yet. Bear with me.
  5. GQ, Esquire, Depatures, Men's Journal, Cigar Aficionado...
  6. Hi, guys. New here and just registered. Here's a pic of my first AR-15. It's a Colt 6940 with Aimpoint CompML2 Optics(plus my XD9).
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