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  1. Amen, Brother! I do exactly the same thing. They all look the same to her.
  2. Has anybody heard of this round? I just seen it for the first time. It's quite intriging. It's basically a .308 Win that has been shortened down to run through a standard AR platform. The one's I saw were 125 grain. It looks alot like 7.62 x 39, but from what I understand they feed far better than the AK round, and the 308 Arrow's ballistic performance is closer to 308 Win than 7.62 x 39. Intresting. Could be fun.308 Arrow
  3. I was beside a young guy with an AK at the range the other day. He kept telling me how his AK was Top-of-the-line and that his AK was a much nicer gun that my DPMS LR-308. Not getting into that arguement (ARs vs. AKs). I noticed that his AK was a $500 WASR 10. On top of that, he had a failure-to fire ( went CLICK) and he starts looking at the gun pointing it who knows where. I had to ask him to be aware of his muzzle, and that he might want to clear his gun first. He proceeds to working the charging handle with the magazine still in the gun, and kept working it. There was about 12 rounds on the ground before he stopped, removed the mag, and cleared the weapon. I swear he almost looked down the barrel once. I politely packed up my things, and told him to have fun with his "Superior Weapon". People like that are why and how accidents happen.
  4. There's a gun shop in my hometown that sells nothing but junk. There is not one item in that store that I would take if you gave it to me. On top of that, they don't sell this crap for crap prices. I saw a No-Name red/green illuminated scope with the worst built in mount I've ever seen in there for $299. I saw the exact same one in a pawn shop for $40. This stores best selling firearm is Hi-point. I also happened to notice that they had some American Eagle AR223 ammo ( bout $5-$6 a box right?) for $19.99. Holy crap. I spoke with the owner and his son for awhile when I was in there, and it took me about 30 seconds to realize that this guy doesn't know one damn thing about guns. What an idiot. My buddy was with me, and he asked him if he had any 5.45 ammo. The guy told him that he shouldn't buy a gun that shoots 5.45 because the ammo costs 3-4 times more than 5.56 or 7.62X39. WTF??? I can't understand why people keep buying things from this place. I guess that just goes to show you that a fool and his money are easily parted.
  5. I'll have some new toy pics to post just as soon as I get approval.
  6. Trying to decide on what set up I want for my SBR. Curious what this would look like.
  7. Thats awesome. I see a SCAR-H in my future. It may be 2-3 yrs., but Lord willing I will own one.
  8. Same here. Just as soon as I get done building my SBR, I'm turning my attention to a suppressor.
  9. Check out Bravo Company. Their BCGs are solid, and I think they have them on sale right now.
  10. yep. What he said. Mine was 8 - 8 1/2 lbs. before I upgraded the trigger. Now its 4 1/2 - 5 lbs. It comes with the same crappy trigger that comes in most ARs.
  11. The Bump Fire Stock on an AR looks kinda funny. Plus, like you guys said, you run through that ammo way faster. Easy solution, buy a cheap AK and a Bump Fire stock for it. It looks alot more natural on an AK. Plus, ammo is dirt cheap. My buddy just put one on his Arsenal AK, and I gotta say its fun to shoot. I thought it seemed kinda stupid at first, but after shooting one, I kinda like it. Not enough to put one on one of my ARs, but I like it for an AK.
  12. Good deal! Glad you were able to get it fixed. Sometimes thats the best way to get to the bottom of a problem- roll your sleeves up and take it all apart to see what the heck is causing the problem. Plus it sounds like you learned alot about how the trigger works in your AR. One more peice of advice, like with the broken safety spring, you can order just about any small part from Brownell's or Cheaper Than Dirt. Those parts that Ruger puts in their guns are the same parts in most ARs. You can get em anywhere. "Mil-Spec"=meeting Military Specification.
  13. When this happens (trigger doesn't reset), does the trigger move when you pull it? Or does it remain still, like it would when it is on SAFE? If it were me, I would remove the safety selector and inspect the area that is flat (to allow the trigger move). Also, inspect the part of the trigger that engages the safety to make sure there is nothing interfering with normal operation. CAUTION: you said that you were new to ARs, so if you have never pulled out that safety selector be careful. It involves removing the pistol grip, and there is a very small spring and detent that will fall out and get lost if you aren't careful.
  14. I'm thinking of selling some of my organs so I can get a SCAR-H. I drink way too much beer, so my liver probably sucks. Anybody in the market for a discount liver? :beer2:
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