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  1. Oh yes I'd like to get a S and maybe even a K but I have a few big money items I have to get also. But I am impressed with the Ti other than it's direct thread only.
  2. No I hear ya. And I have a Nomad 30 in jail right now. Already bought the KeyMo to put in on any DeadAir muzzle break, which I've already bought three. Of course the ATF screwed me I purchased the can July 7 they didn't get into their system until Aug 27. So add an extra month or two to jail time.
  3. Yes I know that's why I bought the Nomad 30 with a KeyMo and three DeadAir Flash hiders for three of my 5.56 guns. But the Sandman Ti is 5/8x24 direct thread only. I can't add a KeyMo to it. When I bought the SandmanTi it was the only suppressor they had in stock. It was my first can purchase and I was naïve. But I'm not complaining I really like the Ti and would just leave it on the 10.5in 300blk but I thought I might want to move it over to the 308. I can I just won't crank the muzzle break down on which ever is canless. But thanks for the input everyone.
  4. I have a Springfield Armory Victor Saint 308, I also purchased a DeadAir Sandman Ti to primarily use on my 10.5in 300blk. The Sandman Ti is a direct thread so I had planned to just keep it on the 300Blk but then I thought it would be fun to put it on the 308. So my question is what should I do with the 308 when I'm not using the suppressor. Just put a thread protector on it or put on a muzzle device (I have six different ones to chose from)? If I use a muzzle device I'll need to crank it down so every time I want to use the suppressor I need to go back to the vise and take it off. Are there other options other than buying another can?
  5. Someone on another site recommended I use the BTR Eztubes. First I've heard of these. But I'm willing to check them out more so I understand them better. But from what little I read they are custom tubes with specific sized port holes used to adjust the gas flow. But I'm not sure how you know which size to use? And if it's wrong are you just out the cost of an adjustable gas block? Anyway since I'm not taking the gun to a range I have awhile before I have to weld it. But this does maybe give me other options.
  6. I have a 14.7in that I cut off the pinned and welded A2 cage, I'm going to pin and weld a DeadAir flash hider. My question is should I add an Adjustable gas block before I pin and weld the F/H? I've got a Nomad 30 can in jail that will being shared with a 16in 223Wylde and a 11.5in 5.56 built. Most times suppressed but not always. So is an adjustable gas block recommended?
  7. Thanks guys I guess it's just a what-ever-floats-your-boat type of thing. Appreciate the input.
  8. Yeah bought a 2oz bottle from flexbar so I'm set. Are they just rocksetting the muzzle devices or anyone using it on direct threaded suppressors?
  9. But I won't be running suppressed all the time. That's why I went with the DeadAir flash hiders so I could run it either way. So I thought timing might be an issue.
  10. I run direct thread on my 300blk with the Sandman Ti but I have three 5.56 guns I want to use with the Nomad plus also use with out the suppressor when I want to.
  11. I have a Nomad 30 coming, in ATF jail at the moment, I plan on swapping between three different 5.56 guns. So I bought three DeadAir flash hiders. I also picked up some Rocksett to use on all the guns from now on. What I'm wondering is, do you recommend using Rocksett on the muzzle devices or just torqueing them down. I'm no longer using crush washers I've starting using Precision Armament - Accu Washer Muzzle Alignment 1/2X28. The only exception is the 14.7 that I have to pin-weld. So lock them down with Rocksett or just torque?
  12. oncewas

    Pacific Tool

    Yeah I know a lot of the blame falls back on me for not doing a thorough check before ordering but I'm a trusting soul and if a webpage does not state backorder or out of stock I take it's word for it. I just felt lied to then the no response was totally infuriating. So the post for other to know before using them.
  13. oncewas

    Pacific Tool

    First off if this is not the place for this or if it is an anyway wrong please do as you must. Okay that being said I have to get this off my chest. I started to build my new gun in August 2020. I could not find Go/No Go gauges anywhere. Then I found Pacific Tool. They state if they have an item in stock it will ship with 7-10 days otherwise it is a special item and could take up to 10 months. Well I saw nothing to indicate that the gauges weren't in stock. Nothing about backorder or not in-stock. So I order them. After two weeks I sent them an email asking them to cancel the order. I called and got voice mail again asking them to contact me. I found them in-stock now at Brownell's. Nothing, no reply. I sent them another email in October asking again to cancel the order. Again no response. Then on November the 19th I get an email saying they are shipping the gauges. Great. Also you get to pay a 15% restocking fee if you want to return the item(s). Well I now have two sets of 5.56 Go/No Go gauges, so I can do a lot of checking. I only wanted to post this so anyone ordering from Pacific Tool knows what they are getting into. I should note the gauges do look top rate and very well made. But that isn't my issue. If they were honest and said up front that the item wasn't in-stock I wouldn't have ordered them. Or if I wasn't in a hurry to finish the gun maybe I would have.
  14. Just to give you another option: https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Grand-Power-Stribog-SP9A1-SB-9MM-8-30-1-Pistol-w-p/gun-stribog-sp9a1-sb.htm
  15. I know this is old and maybe dead but I just wanted you to know I ended up getting a Sandman Ti that now resides on my 300blk and I have a Nomad 30 coming and a KeyMo (at least it's paid for but DeadAir is selling more than they are making) and have put the three prong DeadAir flash hider on three of my 5.56 guns. Hopefully the Nomad is released from jail in December and DeadAir KeyMo is back in stock so they can send me the one I paid for. Anyway thanks for recommending DeadAir. Rex
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