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  1. This article is about ghost guns. I thought we were talking about AR pistols vs SBR. But that being said I seriously doubt criminals are going out and taking the time to mill their own lowers to make ghost guns. most criminals are using pistols from what I read and not pistols in the 5.56, 2.23 or 300blk caliber.
  2. Not to start an argument but I think there is a lot of difference between bump stock users and pistol brace users. From 'Shoot-On' ... The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives believes the number of “stabilizing braces” — devices attached to the buffer tube of AR-platform firearms with sub-16-inch barrels in order to stabilize the gun for one-handed shooting — is between 3 and 7 million units (as sold between 2013 and 2020). Compared to how many bump-stock users? I'm just saying I think we are talking apples to oranges. But I do agree every time they take something away from us, we lose it, we will not get it back no matter who sits in the Oval Office.
  3. Sean I think you are missing the point. If they grandfather anything in it will not be to allow you to run a full stock on a pistol unless you go SBR. Your options will be pistol with a non-adjustable bumper tube with some sort of brace (maybe or maybe just a bit of foam) or cough up the $200 and go SBR. Unless I'm missing something. And from what I read it's all a done deal.
  4. Longhair, from what I'm reading you are saying you think braces like the Tactical SOB will be grandfather in but the Tactical HBPDW, SBA3, SBA4. SBM4 and the SBPSW which are adjustable pistol braces will all be nixed? Yeah, I guess I could see that. Funny Tactical says they are discontinuing the SOB. Wonder if they will bring it back after the BATF pass their revised law or maybe it won't matter if they only accept grandfathered ones but how will they know? From what I read you cannot even have a bumper tube that that could accept an adjustable brace. It has to be a fixed tube. Unless I read it wrong. I think it will be easier for them to just outlaw all pistol braces then if you can show a need for a brace they will okay it, maybe.
  5. I think that pretty much sums it up. Although I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. It would be nice if what John thinks/hopes they will do but I don't see that happening. I could see them doing something to allow people who have to use a brace to use one but that's about it. I hate to go SBR because of the limitations of tacking it across state lines. I already had to pay $400 in taxes for my suppressors now to have to pay another four hundred to use a stock. Not sure I want to do that. I'm looking into pistol buffer tubes with no stocks. Don't like them but may have to go that way. At $20 each not a big expense and they stay pistols.
  6. Unless you want to change out your front sight post to a low profile gas block then it's best to stay with the magpul foregrip. As far as lights go it depends on what you want to spend. $300 for a Surefire or Modlite (best for the money). Or you can go with an InForce for about $170. I personally like and use the Streamlight 88065 ProTac because it can use CR123 or 18650 batteries runs about $75 on Amazon. And I use the BMC Light Mount Mod 0 1" to mount it. I don't use a switch but they have them out there. Good luck.
  7. The KeyMo has been sold. Please close this thread.
  8. The Flashhiders are for 5.56. Forgot to add that.
  9. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've searched and can only find one charging handle it's a Del-Ton stock handle from their Extreme316 build rifle. But if you want it just pay me shipping and I'll send it right out. PM me your info and I'll do likewise or not your call
  10. I have a fairly new DeadAir KeyMo that I’m looking to sale. This is the one that fits the Nomad and SilencerCo Omega. I’m asking $175 plus shipping. I also have three DeadAir Flashhiders that I selling for $65 each plus shipping. If you buy all four pieces for $370 I’ll ship for free. They were each used only to test them out with the rifles I had them on and with the KeyMo.
  11. Agree but it's a start.
  12. I've been getting a lot more back in stock notices for items lately. From Primary Arms, Rainier's and quite few other sites. Just wonder if others were getting them also.
  13. I’ve built a couple of Ars and modified a couple of others. I’ll give my two cents but it looks like it’s to late and you have already bought everything. Prime Weaponry BCG you don’t say which one you bought and I could not price check the price you paid but for about the same price you could have gotten a PSA nitride BCG that is made by Toolcraft. Aero Precision makes good stuff can’t go wrong there. Anderson charging handle should asked on here I’ve got two surplus charging handle one could have been your for shipping. Either one probably better than the Anderson one. Aero Precision lower kit is got to go. I would have got it with out the trigger but that’s because I use ALG- ACT most of the time. Must have an AR wrench. You don’t say which one you got but there are a few good one out there. Can’t say anything good or bad about Bear Creek but I prefer Faxon or Ballistic Advantage Mid length gas system is good to go. Can’t say anything about the UTG Handguard. But others have. I only use Midwest Industries because I like their barrel nut and locking system. I go with either a Bravo Co. or Magul butt stock but I like the wider cheek weld. Nothing wrong with DD iron sights but I prefer flip ups and I really like the Troy battle sights but as long as you are happy. I know nothing about Brigade Firearms so I can’t say anything about them I like Aero Precision or bravo Co, Personally I think Aero Precision lowers are the best. Okay wanted or not this is my two cents and if you want a flash hide and are willing to pay the shipping I’ve got a bunch of different ones and I’ll give you one.
  14. My 11.5in 5.56 is suppressed with a DeadAir Nomad 30 and I shoot it all the time with out ear protection. Anyone that says they are loud must not have a very good suppressor. I have a 10.5in 300BLK that's suppressed with a DeadAir Sandman Ti and I shoot both subs and supers with it. But I also have more 5.56 so perfer to shoot it. I move the can between the 11.5 a 14.7 and a 16in but keep it on the 11.5in in the house just in case.
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