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  1. What ever? So big question but first why. PSA has some forged stripped lowers that have M16A4 stamped on the side of the magazine well, it also says Property of US Government and Cal. 5.56. So can this only be used to build a rifle? Or can you build a pistol with it? I've read both answers, yes it can and no it can't. Does anyone really know? Other than asking the ATF because I'm not doing that. Thanks
  2. Got it. Thanks. Don't mean to be a nervious nancy but you know how the internet is, everybody and their brother has an opinion and of course I'm dumb enough to read what they say and start second guessing myself. Really do appreciate the input and the mind easying.
  3. Well that's what I thought but I read somewhere (maybe a different site) that if you go direct thread you may need to have your barrel rethreaded if it wasn't concentric to the suppressor. Wasn't sure just how you would find that out but I certainly don't want to screw up a new can firstr time I shoot throught it. But thanks it sounds like I'm worrying over nothing.
  4. I want to direct mount a Dead Air Nomad 30 on to my Ruger 300BLK AR-556. Will I need to rethread my barrel?
  5. Anyone use Fix It Sticks? If so did you get just the All-in-one Torque Limiter or the individual torque limiters and if so which ones do you find you use the most?
  6. flash hider - Crowfoot Open End Wrench Set Barrel nut and Castle nut - Weaponwerx AR combo Armorer wrench with Foot/pound torque wrench
  7. Am looking for recommendations. I've looked at all the online reviews and I'm no better off. Just want someone who has used some to give me a heads up on what they liked. Thanks
  8. Food for thought. May just buy a smaller diameter 10in fore guard and go that way.
  9. I'm lookiing to install a 12in MI-SP (Suppressor Compatible) Handguard on my 10in Ruger 300BLK 556 once my can gets here and was wondering if anyone has used them and what do you think about them. I know they are bigger than most handguard with a 2in outsude diameter but are unwelding?
  10. Just got the Romeo5 for my 10.5in
  11. It appears it's now legal to hunt Florida with a suppressor, https://americansuppressorassociation.com/florida-hunting-with-suppressors-legal-effective-immediately/
  12. Top to bottom Springfield Armory Victor 7.62 Primary Arms 4x14 FFP Rifle Scope - Illuminated ACSS-HUD-DMR-308 Gamma VG6 7.62 muzzle device Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod BT10 16in. 5.56 Del-ton 416 Areo Precision bcg Titanium firing pin POF Strike Eagle charging handle ALG ACT trigger with purple spring Gamma VG6 5.56 muzzle device Midwest Industries 15in light weight fore grip Magpul angle grip Magpul MOE grip B5 stock Harris Bipod American Defense Scout QD scope mount Primary Arms 1X6 GEN III -K.I.S.S. Reticle 14.7 in 5.56 PSA lower ALG ACT trigger with purple spring upper 14.7in FN barrel PSA premium BCG with all springs replaced with Springco springs Titanium firing pin Midwest Industry Mlok 13in forgrip Magpul angle grip BCM VLTOR Charging handle Magpul K2+ grip BMC Stock American Defense Recon QD scope mount Vortex Strike Eagle 1X6 AR-BDC Ruger556 in 300BLK 10.5in barrel Troy Battle Sights Sig Sauer Romeo 5 BMC KAG Ganna VG6 300BLK muzzle device (at present)
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