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  1. oncewas

    Is it me or the P320

    Just put my TLR-1 with 1913 fitting on my P320 M17 and it went right on. Same one I used on my AR's and on the 590-A1 and the XDm I use to own. So the Sig rail is NOT proprietary. And I bought a sight mover and was able to move the front sight over very slightly and I think that did the trick. So I'm good. You can see the playing cards posted above and the pistol is on I just need to practice more.
  2. oncewas

    Anything Colt Post Here

    Yeah saw this on Fox News. Kind'a surprised but do understand their reasoning.
  3. oncewas

    Is it me or the P320

    All shots taken with elbows supported from bench. Five shots each with each 115, 124 and 147grain ammo. So it's not going back I was able to move the front sight ever so slightly and it appears to have made the difference. I sill need work but the pistol is fine. Thanks for all the input from everyone. Great group of guys you all were very supportive and helpful. Thanks Rex
  4. oncewas

    Is it me or the P320

    Yeah all good points but the M17 does not have adjustable rear sights. It has a sight plate. So I would have to move the front sight and that appears to be a problem. I've got 115gr, 124gr and 147gr rounds to take with next timeI go to the range and I'll see what happens. I had a Glock but didn't like the angle of the grip so I got rid of it never went back.
  5. oncewas

    Is it me or the P320

    No it ONLY goes back if it does not pass their test first.
  6. oncewas

    Is it me or the P320

    RetCop All good points I will take into consideration. I'm thinking of getting some 147grain rounds because I read they worked well in this piston. But I will pick up some 124 gr and try them. Thanks so much for you input very valuable information I will take to heart. Thanks Rex
  7. oncewas

    Is it me or the P320

    Fully understand, but hoping it is mechanical and not just me.
  8. oncewas

    Is it me or the P320

    I'd be curious to read what he has to say. But from others that have the M17 I haven't seen any accuracy problems like I'm having.
  9. oncewas

    Is it me or the P320

    I was thinking that it was me also. But I plan on going to the range Tuesday and trying an at rest with sand bags at 15 yards shooting at a playing card. If I'm still left I'm thinking the pistol is going back to Sig.
  10. oncewas

    Is it me or the P320

    The 1911 has a 5in barrel while the M17 has a 4.7in barrel. Don't think that will make any difference. The XDM I had was 4.7 also.
  11. Okay went to the range yesterday and took only the P320 M17 and 100 rounds or CCI 115. Because the last time I was shooting the P320 I was also shooting my 1911 R1. I was shooting out the center of the target with the 1911 but was consistently shooting left with P320. So I'm posting targets from yesterday the small circle is from 7 yards and the large one from 15 yards. I'm trying to figure out if its me or the pistol. If it's me why can I shoot the 1911 dead on but am consistently left with the P320. I had a XDM 9mm that I gave to my son once I got the P320 and I was very accurate with it also. Any help much appreciated. the
  12. Sure will, hoping to get tomorrow. Will post back here.
  13. So I removed both the BIS and ordered a Magpul Bipod for M-LOK so I can use my Harris 1A2-BRM Bipod with it.
  14. a nice surprise This is how it came And this is what it it will look like