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  1. oncewas

    Want a new 9mm

    I'm having a hard time choosing between the new Sig Sauer P320-M17 and the Smith and Wesson M&P9 M2.0 cost is $105 more for the Sig. Any insight would be most helpful. Thanks Rex
  2. oncewas

    Purple or Tan ALG ACT hammer spring

    Yes Went purple and did some zeroing in at the range. Everything went good really like the new springs.
  3. oncewas

    QD Bases for scopes

    I'm sure you will love the LaRue just wanted to mention I have the America Defense ReCon extended and the Recon -S mounts I bought both with inch rings but needed to upgrade to 30mm rings because I bought a PA 1x6 KISS and a Vortex Strike Force 1x6. I was able to get new 30mm rings from Midway for $54. Saved buying atwo new mounts. I know LaRue is the was way.
  4. oncewas

    PSA snek lower

    Just got an email. These are back in stock.
  5. oncewas

    unpinning a pinned barrel

    Yeah I figured as much. Thanks
  6. oncewas

    unpinning a pinned barrel

    Okay thanks. Did you reweld the new muzzle devices or just not worry about it?
  7. oncewas

    unpinning a pinned barrel

    I've got a 14.7in HK barrel that has an A2 flash hider pinned on it. I'd like to replace the A2 with either a VG6 Precision Gamma High Performance Muzzle Brake or a Spike's Tactical Dynacomp Extreme Compensator. But am not sure how much of a pain it will be to remove the pinned A2 will be and then installed one of the others. The VG6 has a hole for pinning so that's a plus. and is the int pin hole welded or soldiered ?
  8. oncewas

    New Gillete Ad

    Pretty nice
  9. oncewas

    Purple or Tan ALG ACT hammer spring

    Sounds good I think I'll change them out now. Thanks.
  10. oncewas

    I'll never sell Ebay again

    Sure I understood I was going to pay $9 shipping didn't know about paypal fees because all the time I used them was to purchase or send money and that was always free. But Paypal cost me about $9 and then 10% to Ebay which I could have sworn wasn't nearly 10% the last time I sold something but that was somewhile ago. So for me I'll look for other oiptions rather than lose nearly 40% of sale price. Just me I guess but it's not worth selling an item that way.
  11. oncewas

    I'll never sell Ebay again

    I had an EoTech 512 I was trying to sell so I could buy a new scope. I sold it for $300 shipped but only cleared a little over $260. I guess I need to read all the fine print. But I'll never use Ebay to sell stuff again.
  12. I upgraded both my AR's with the ALG ACT triggers. I used the Tan or 6.0lb spring on both builds but am wondering if I might not perfer to use the Purple or 4.5 springs. Is anyone using the lighter pull springs and have you experienced any issuses. the builds are a16in carbine gas feed and a 14.7in Mid length gas feed. Both shoot flawlessly with the 6.0 springs.
  13. oncewas

    EoTech 512 or PA 1x6 KISS

    Appreciate the opinion, I do like the 512 but I thought the PA 1X6 KISS would open up more options for me. But I really appreciate your input.
  14. oncewas

    EoTech 512 or PA 1x6 KISS

    Thanks for the great information. Either scope would be great, but I think I'd still prefer the PA because of the KISS, it just seems so uncluttered . The LaRue's are nice but I'm an American Defense person. I've got a base and just need to order the 30mm rings. Again thanks for the great information, it was very helpful.
  15. oncewas

    EoTech 512 or PA 1x6 KISS

    That's the way I was leaning just wanted some more vindication. I do have a streamlight TRL-1 that works well.