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  1. It'a all BS. Disney is a horrible company just look what it did to Gina Carno. And Wanda Vision is so hard to understand just what it is. I mean it's stupid. Makes no since. The only thing Diseny has done worth anything is Deadpool and Deadpool 2. Now there is a super hero who not olny doesn't take his self serious but goes to the extreme to make sure we don't take any super hero seriously.
  2. I have a DeadAir Sandman Ti that is direct thread only that I switch between my 300bkl and my 308. Some one on here mentioned just tighening the flash hide wrench tight but not torgued down. Which is what I do now with those. For the three 5.56's (11.5in, 14.5in, and a 16in 223Wylde) that I have I use with the Nomad 30. I purchased a DeadAir KeyMo ands three DeadAir Flash Hiders that I put on them and move it from one to the other. I bought the 5.56 end plate for the Nomad but that because I'm using it only on the 5.56. Since you are going to exchage it between 30cal and 5.56 that won't work for you but it shouldn't cause your can to be that much louder shooting 5.56 with a 30cal opening. And the QC devices are so the way to go.
  3. Sounds like a plan. I have already purchased some of the dummy rounds ( I got two sets orange and blue, not sure why) and a cheap gopro so I'll do as you suggest. Good advise and thanks.
  4. Just an update on the trigger issue. I talked to Rise Armament today and they sent me a RMA and I've sent the old trigger back and they will send me a new as soon as they get the old one. So I'm happy, so far.
  5. You might find a Faxon Gunner in 16in somewhere online. They are out at Faxon but other site carry them. They might be a little more about $175 but I like them have a 11.5 in 5.56 and a 16 in 223Wylde. Both are very accurate.
  6. Yeah I'll try that next and have my son-in-law shoot it and see what gives. Maybe it's how I'm holding it compared to how I hold my other pistols. And I'm sure Sig wouldn't miss lead me.
  7. Thanks for the offer. Here's the thing. I don't shoot left with my XDm in 9mm, my Remington R1 1911 in .45, my Sig 365XL in 9mm, either of the .22 a Tarsus and a Heritage or my Ruger GP100 in 38 or .357mag. Just the Sig M17 P320. But I'm going to let my sons and son-in-law shoot it and see what they do. But really thanks for the offer.
  8. Those are all good responses. But the P320 M17 has that plate for adding a red dot that's part of the rear site, so I can't move it. Tried to move the front but that didn't work. And since Sig had it and test fired it and said it was good I guess it is all good. I'm just not going to shoot it. But I'll have my son-in-law and my son when he comes down try it and see what they think. But I'm fine with my XDm. They are pretty much the same size.
  9. I can accept that. I just like to make sure it's not me before going back to the manufacture. I have a Sig 320 that shoots left. Only gun I have that I shoot left. I mean at 10 yards it shoots left four to five inches. Everytime. I sent it back to Sig and told that. My mistake was telling them it was left 4 inches. They called and told me it wasn't the gun, it was me. But they waived the $100 for testing and I just had to pay for shipping. Makes me wonder if I told them it shot right or only two inches left what their test shots would have looked like. It's nice looking and feels nice to handle but I'll be keeping the SpringFields XDM Elite next to my bed.
  10. Okay we'll try that I just sent them an email. It is actually a RA-240 from Optics Planet but I'm assuming it close or the same as the 140.
  11. I went out to the range today with my new 223Wylde build, I had it out before and everything was fine but I just got my new DeadAir Nomad 30 and want to see how well it would work with it. Everything was fine then all of the sudden the trigger wouldn't pull. My son-in-law was using it at the time. We dropped the mag and cleared it and I pulled the trigger. It appeared fine. He shots three more shots and the same thing. We go through the same process. Again, third shot and trigger won't pull. I take it and aim down range and pull the trigger harder and it fires. Give it back to him, same thing happens on second shot. I have him pull the trigger harder and it fires. This is the first "drop-in" trigger I've ever used I normally use ALG-ACT trigger and have been very happy with them but I was having problem locating one for this build and found this Rise Armament 140 for a decent price so I thought why not try it. Is the hammer catching on the BCG? If so, I would thing it would do it each time. I could try a different BCG. I’m using a PSA Nitride BCG. But I don’t see any marking on the BCG or the Hammer. Any ideas?
  12. Oh yes I'd like to get a S and maybe even a K but I have a few big money items I have to get also. But I am impressed with the Ti other than it's direct thread only.
  13. No I hear ya. And I have a Nomad 30 in jail right now. Already bought the KeyMo to put in on any DeadAir muzzle break, which I've already bought three. Of course the ATF screwed me I purchased the can July 7 they didn't get into their system until Aug 27. So add an extra month or two to jail time.
  14. Yes I know that's why I bought the Nomad 30 with a KeyMo and three DeadAir Flash hiders for three of my 5.56 guns. But the Sandman Ti is 5/8x24 direct thread only. I can't add a KeyMo to it. When I bought the SandmanTi it was the only suppressor they had in stock. It was my first can purchase and I was naïve. But I'm not complaining I really like the Ti and would just leave it on the 10.5in 300blk but I thought I might want to move it over to the 308. I can I just won't crank the muzzle break down on which ever is canless. But thanks for the input everyone.
  15. I have a Springfield Armory Victor Saint 308, I also purchased a DeadAir Sandman Ti to primarily use on my 10.5in 300blk. The Sandman Ti is a direct thread so I had planned to just keep it on the 300Blk but then I thought it would be fun to put it on the 308. So my question is what should I do with the 308 when I'm not using the suppressor. Just put a thread protector on it or put on a muzzle device (I have six different ones to chose from)? If I use a muzzle device I'll need to crank it down so every time I want to use the suppressor I need to go back to the vise and take it off. Are there other options other than buying another can?
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