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  1. To me it just seems like another avenue to take for those who want a 5.56 chambered "MP5K." I can see this as a somewhat comfortable compact set-up with a sling, or an ideal "truck gun" to have without having to worry about space limitations of frantically trying to joined packed up upper and lower assemblies if needed.
  2. Came across something interesting lately and I was curious what you guys thought. I think, overall, it's a great idea but needs some refining. I'm not a fan of being unable to keep my ejection port cover closed nor being able to use the forward assist, but the concept is interesting. Also, what do you guys think about making an AR "pistol" with this set-up? I'm wondering how, if possible, you could make this build with a short barrel and no stock without having to register it as an SBR since it's not technically a rifle. What are your thoughts? See the link below. https://www.evolutionweaponsystems.com/
  3. Thanks you guys, I appreciate it!
  4. Thanks Greg. Haven't heard from you in quite some time (as I have just returned from the shadows again). Hope all is well.
  5. Good morning everyone. Hope you're enjoying the weekend.
  6. Good morning everyone. Quick question seeking your opinions. I am thinking about picking up my first pistol can, but, I am moving soon (first wek of April). I will be remaining in the state, within the city for that matter, but I'm curious about paperwork. If I was to purchase this can, should I file the Form 4 with my new address, current address, or what I think may be the general consensus... wait until I move and then make my purchase? I'm mainly curious because the can I want to pick up has a promotion for a rebate. Just wanted to hear your thoughts. - CM
  7. Glad everything went well. What was the unseen damage? Just excessive tearing of the tendon that was previously undiagnosed?
  8. Best of luck man. Even though it's a more radical surgery, having the tendon reconstructed from a fresh/ frozen cadaver will hopefully be a great route for a long-term remedy. Just do all the rights things and do all your PT exercises as soon as you're able in order to minimize losing any range of motion.
  9. You guys are still brothers. Sometimes, we (I in this case) say stupid things and reflect upon them after the damage is done... In any case, I am leaving this thread now, but doing so with no animosity or discontent, and wishing you all a happy new year! Cheers brothers.
  10. We had high 30s here in central Oregon along with heavy fog. Not too bad but a little shilly. Brought the dogs for a short train walk and had a relaxing day.
  11. Seems like I am just digging my grave deeper after apologizing. I explained my statement, apologized for my wording and revised thinking afterwards, dont know what else to do from there Sir. I made a stupid comment on unsound logic and apologized. I'm not trying to start any battles.
  12. Maybe my point is incorrect, but I also think the interpretation of what I stated is that I'm saying disabled individuals shouldn't drive. This is not true and not what I meant. I guess overall I'm just tired of people complaining in general and found an opportunity to say that. Apologies for any misinterpretations. I just don't see pumping gas as really that difficult or a big inconvenience, and people complaining about not being able to learn how or saying that they want someone to do it for them seemed ridiculous to me. I'm not trying to make hasty generalizations, discriminate, or stir the pot for the fun of causing chaos. Again, apologies.
  13. I'm not denying that it would be helpful if injured, but I also feel like people are becoming overly upset about all this as well and looking for reasons to justify their disapproval. There's always a rare circumstance where people would beed extra help. But again, if someone has a broken arm and cannot pump his/ her own gas, consider how simple of a movement that is to do. This same individual most likely cannot operate a moving vehicle safely with all the various movements and biomechanics involved in turning the steering wheel, shifting, etc. I'm more so arguing the safety stand point to this.
  14. This is ridiculous. I grew up in SoCal and got my license right when I turned 16. I moved to Oregon 4 years ago... From 2008 until now, I have never once deliberately sprayed myself with gasoline while filling my tank. I think it's pretty easy to figure out... I do like that one comment though. Someone stated that they were disabled and needed help. My opinion... if you're disabled to the point where you cannot pump your own gas, my guess is that you probably should not be operating a 1/2 ton+ motor vehicle.
  15. Thank you for the info! I just found Zenith and I remember visiting that Atlantic site a while back. Didn't know that they were this expensive... also this 922r compliance is news to me so i'll have to further research that. Seems like to create an SBR, I'd need to spend $1,000 to acquire a pistol, make it 922r compliant with whatever parts, on top of filing a Form 4 for the SBR. Edit: Add comment To answer your question, I've always been a fan of the full size MP5 with solid fixed stock.
  16. Please move to appropriate sub-forum if this is in the incorrect place, not really sure where this red should go. Just for fun, I have been looking at MP5s as far as what is available to the civilian market. Both in SBR form and pistols that can be converted. However, my searching hasnt come up with many results. My question is, what manufacturers do you guys know of makes them available to the civilian population? Also, would a pistol be able to be converted to a full-size SBR? I really dont know anything about this platform. Topic out of curiosity. - CM
  17. Morning everyone, Merry Christmas!
  18. I appreciate all the information. I have seen the Rugged Obsidian before and that caught my eye as well. No purchases in the near future, but Im always doing research!
  19. Youre right, it would be more of an all purpose can. For my .45 and below, my main choice would be the Octane 45, and Im not really sure what Id run on my AR. Ive always thought of getting a .30 cal can to run for a future .308 as well as my 5.56 but I havent fully researched that yet. I was just wondering if you guys thought the Hybrid was a decent choice or just a big market trap item for its diversity.
  20. Terrible accident to have happened. Ive driven through there a few times and its always crazy busy. Im sure it was a sh*t storm. Hopefully those who were injured can recover fully.
  21. I went the Army route. Tattoo still got fully removed since the treatment was paid for. This April 2018 will mark 4 years of service so far.
  22. Good morning guys. I want to hear your thoughts on this suppressor. I remember SilencerCo coming out with this a year or two ago, and it seems like theyve already updated the model with this new 46. Multi-caliber for both pistol and rifle, and quieter than most designated 9mm, 45 ACP, and 5.56 cans out there. Take a look. https://silencerco.com/silencers/hybrid/
  23. Thats probably the best (and legally necessary) option. Pepper, good to hear from you Sir. Been quite a while.
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