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  1. Having some errors with the image tags from photobucket (and yes, I did read the instructions ) In the mean time, here's a link to the album. Just a few iPhone shots to suppress your appetite. http://photobucket.com/CelticMonsterSig And for anyone who is curious, the buffer is only 2.95 oz. From what I researched that is a little light, even for carbines. Would you guys recommend anything slightly heavier? I don't want anything too heavy since I'll be shooting primarily 55gr .223's and some 62gr NATO rounds. Nothing much lighter/ heavier than that. I'm considering a Spike's Tactical ST-T2, just a little over 1 oz. more weight than my current buffer and no rattle. Thoughts?
  2. Pictures are coming soon, it's hard enough finding time to even look at it while living as a working student. I'll try to get some quick phone pictures today.
  3. I'll be even happier when I can put some lead down range!
  4. Thanks for the information. Durability and reliability are definitely two of the most important factors in any weapon I purchase. I still have so much more to learn in the AR world.
  5. Out of curiosity, what would be the benefit of a new charging handle, specifically by the brand you mentioned?
  6. Picked it up yesterday evening and I am very happy so far. The upper and lower receivers are snug and align perfectly, charging handle was smooth, BCG is solid and seamless, she's a beauty. The only issue I had was the selector switch. At the shop I also purchased a Magpul hand-guard and Hogue grip, however the width of the grip made the selector switch stiff due to friction in between the parts. The guys at the shop just popped it out, filed and smoothed down the underside of the switch, and now everything works flawlessly. Wednesday I am taking it out to the range and will provide a full report and pictures soon, still need to read the section on how to post pics... Check back in soon for updates.
  7. Hello guys. For the past week or two I've been doing some personal and anecdotal research on using a heavy buffer/ heavy spring in my carbine. By this point, I am only slightly educated and even more confused. I am considering getting a heavy buffer for my rifle but I don't know if I am making the right choice or not. I know some of the pros include slowing down the BCG and reducing recoil, but I'm worried that if I install a heavy buffer, the returning force of the bolt to the barrel will be too much and cause damage due to a heavier weight/ spring pushing the BCG forward to cycle a new round. I have heard things that are both for and against my theory, so now I'm looking for your opinions on the matter. I don't necessarily care about recoil, seeing as that .223's barely have any. My main goal is to make the internal components work as easily and flawlessly as possible. Will installing a heavy buffer and/or heavier spring reduce wear and tear of my rifle/ BCG while reducing recoil, or will a heavy buffer do more harm than good? Additionally, if the group consensus is for a heavy buffer/ spring, what brands and weights would you recommend? My platform is a Sig Sauer M400, 16" barrel, carbine length, standard direct impingement. As for ammo, I will be shooting anything from 55gr .223's to some higher power NATO rounds. Bullet weights will remain mostly between 55-62gr, give or take a few experimental rounds. What would be your recommendations for a platform with my provided specifications? Thanks everyone.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I know I can change my AR to perform in a variety of specialties, that's one reason why I like them so much, and will most likely have more in my future. For now, I believe I'd like to transform my current platform into a more tactical based rifle, but with some features to allow it to be a mid-range varmint destroyer. Out of everything on the market for AR's, I guess the biggest thing I'm debating on is what type of optic I want to apply. As I stated before I want to become very proficient with iron sights first, but later I want something that can be used for both short range target acquisition, but also have some magnification to shoot a few ground hogs when necessary. Any suggestions?
  9. Picking up my baby today, won't be able to go shooting until wednesday but I'll be sure to keep everyone updated with pictures and a report as soon as I can.
  10. I thought I would just post this to gather some ideas on things everyone here would do to a particular carbine. I recently purchased a Sig Sauer M400 and am awaiting arrival for pick-up. This will be my first AR-15, so I'm curious as to how you guys would modify this platform. Before I do any modifications, I'm going to become as familiar and proficient as possible with this platform so I can shoot it factory stock without any issues, then I'll modify it in the future. The primary uses I have for this carbine will be target shooting, varmint hunting, home defense, essentially all purpose. As for ammunition, I'll generally be shooting 55gr and up .223's along with some 62gr NATO rounds. Nothing really below 55gr or above 62gr. But for now, I'm interested in what my fellow members would do to this particular rifle. Feel free to go crazy with ideas and let loose with creativity! Ideas can be purpose specific (varmint rifle, tactical monster, precision shooter, etc.), or anything you like. Thank you.
  11. Thank you. I'm pretty excited. It seems to be built to last through anything and the barrel twist it comes with (1/7") for the overall price of the rifle is amazing. I'm sure I'll post another topic in the future relating to how different members would upgrade any internal/ external components and get a better idea of how my rifle will evolve. However, I'm going to shoot it in factory setup for a while so I can become very proficient with the standard platform. Then probably a few bells and wistles later.
  12. Morning everyone. A few days ago I ordered my first AR-15 platform and it is almost ready to be picked up (10 day wait in CA, fun I know). I decided to go for the Sig M400 based on many features and specifications I found attractive. I will return to this post soon to share my experience and basic range report when I have it in my possesion. But in the mean time, what are your thoughts and opinions on this platform? Thank you.
  13. Thanks everyone. I come here with an open mind and thirst for knowledge so it seems like I've found the right place.
  14. Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I have been a firearm enthusiast for as long as I ca remember and an active shooter since I was about 8 years old. I stumbled upon this forum just recently and decided to register for fun and to gain information on one of my favorite sports from fellow members. I know there's much more to be told, but I'll introduce myself more once I become more aquianted with the environment here. I'm hoping, and fairly sure, that I can find a good place in this forum and to gain more knowledge and appreciation of firearm recreation, especially AR related, and meet friendly, knowledgable people along the way.
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