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  1. Anyone know the regs for these? I saw that deal that Flesh Wound posted, $33 for a lower is pretty hard to pass up. But, I dont know where to get it milled since I dont have a drill press or what the laws are for them.
  2. Im going to try and be more active now that Im back. Finally well adjusted to where I am in life (even if life is still chaotic but in a good way). Been keeping busy and living life happily!
  3. Hey whats going on Matt. Gmor, I did! Finally this past September, I had my final session. A little bit of the inside remains but its 95% gone. Newbe, I know I should soon. Each time theyve been during a training of mine so I havent been able to. I was briefly looking at the Oregon thread yesterday. I need to comb through and get the details.
  4. Hey thanks man. Still living up here in Oregon and happily busy. Havent gone shooting in ages but thought Id still drop by to check in.
  5. Hey whats going on guys, havent been here in quite some time. Anything new and exciting here at the Armory?
  6. I just got the email a few weeks ago as well but Oregon has so little money right now that it's difficult to tell when we'll get the new uniforms.
  7. Thanks you guys, I appreciate all the birthday wishes! Had a good one last night.
  8. Well, he resigned. Not sure what this means for the state though, I haven't been here long enough to follow the state's political figures. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/14/us/kitzhaber-resigns-as-governor-of-oregon.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&bicmp=AD&bicmlukp=WT.mc_id&bicmst=1409232722000&bicmet=1419773522000&_r=0
  9. Having it play shouldn't affect its placement here. I'm not sure what the problem is.
  10. All I do is go to youtube, find the video I want, click on it (as if to play it), then just copy the link in the main search bar from the top. Paste it here and that's it.
  11. I can't help it, but I love angry music. Although this album as a whole is a little too political for me. Whitechapel is a great metal band.
  12. Gone through the same thing. In high school I was 5'6" and 205 lbs. I was a strong kid, played sports and practiced martial arts all through my childhood, but I was still a very fat kid. Over the course of a year, I lost 70 lbs. and was very lean, but all my muscle was gone. Over the last 5 years in total (including the weight loss year) I've put on a substantial amount of muscle and currently weigh about 165 lbs. and grew a whopping 1/4" taller. It's a hard road but well worth the effort. A bodybuilding life style may not work for everyone, but there is always something out there that can help people become active and healthy again. I don't like using falacies like definites, but there seriously is always at least something one can do to improve his/ her life.
  13. In case they didn't notice, The Walking Dead killed off a young, white girl before the black guy. Should we start revolting too? On a side note, that made me sad, I really liked Tyreese as a character.
  14. But... but... I thought everything I heard on the news was right?
  15. That wasn't quite the point I was making, I was stating basically any country outside the U.S., but primarily those who are oppressive and underprivileged. South Korea is an exception.
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