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  1. I'd say so, but do you want to go with that pattern or DPMS pattern?
  2. Oh wow, shows how much I've been out of the loop! Well, it was worth a shot to bring it up anyway.
  3. Brownell's has Aero Precision stripped lowers on sale for $68.00 and uppers for $70.00. http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/receivers/lower-receivers/ar-15-stripped-lower-receiver-prod54336.aspx?avs|Manufacturer_1=AERO%20PRECISION&cm_sp=Home%20Page%20Banner-_-Manufacturers-_-Aero_Precision http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/receivers/upper-receivers/ar-15-m16-stripped-upper-receiver-prod54395.aspx
  4. It would make things much easier, you're correct. The good thing is that all you have to do is scrape off some of the extra glue then make sure it's clean. But still, it makes the recall a pain when you take the trigger off because it is no longer attached to the serialized part. But, that's also why I listed it so cheap. It's a great trigger once it's fine tuned to your liking, I just have no use for it since I'm not going to drop $3,000 on another custom build anytime soon!
  5. Good day everyone. Up for sale is a new and unused stainless steel Remington 700 X Mark Pro trigger assembly. I bought this with my action last year for a custom build and never used the trigger since I bought a match grade one for my build. This trigger IS one of the recall triggers "due to excess bonding agent used in the assembly process," causing delayed/ accidental discharges (quote from the Remington website explaining the recall). The problem is easily fixed by removing some of this extra glue inside the trigger mechanism, that's it! I HAVE NOT taken this trigger in for the recall because it was removed from my action by my custom rifle builder before it reached my hands. I just want to make this very clear to any potential buyers. This factory new replacement trigger costs $115.00 on the retail market. I'm asking only $50.00 with free shipping. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a PM. Thank you! Edit 01/12/2015: Price drop from $80.00 to $70.00. Edit 01/17/2015: Price drop from $70.00 to $55.00. Edit 01/11/2015: Price drop from $55.00 to $50.00.
  6. San Diego guy huh? That's where I'm from. The store that I went to for my SSE work was Parallax Tactical in the Miramar area, they helped out a lot and seemed to have the most kits available for the SSE process.
  7. SSE, when it was legal, turned my ex Springfield XDM from a $600 purchase into a $750 frankengun just to make it legal
  8. I remember doing a SSE pistol last year for an off roster handgun. In a nut shell, you get an off roster handgun sent to a dealer Who has the appropriate license to hold it, have them put a block in a magazine well so it only holds one round, put a 10" barrel in it, and do the 10 day waiting period with it in that configuration. Afterwards, you leave the store with it like that so it legally becomes in your possession, return to the store, and then they put it back in its standard configuration with the open magazine well and factory barrel. That's SSE. As far as the desert eagle goes, you can only buy the 44 you were able to buy the .50 barrel just fine for it afterwards. The testing that most manufacturers don't want to pay for is called the California drop test. The off roster handgun list is so large because manufactures need to pay this fee for each model, caliber, color, size, version possible for each handgun they sell. Also, I haven't paid too much attention to California in a while since I know the state is going down hill anyway (and who cares, I'm free now), but I think the SSE is now an illegal practice as of last year
  9. I have not had my hands on one but I really like them. They are a great, durable and affordable AR .308 platform with numerous variations. That said, they are not an M1A. Like the others have said here, don't give up on the M1A because it is also a great rifle, just a different style platform.
  10. One day I'll have my .50 AE Desert Eagle. Always wanted one but never found the appropriate time to buy one. Funny thing is, there will probably never be an appropriate time, I just need to do it.
  11. Good morning everyone, did you guys enjoy your Christmas?
  12. This is the next handgun that I am going to buy, just waiting for the right time.
  13. I "like-d" the fact that you like this.
  14. Good morning everyone. Been quite some time since I've been here. I am officially a United States Army Infantryman, blue cord and all. I graduate tomorrow and will be heading back home to Oregon. Can't write a whole lot right now but I will give a full recap soon! Glad to be back and I hope everyone is doing well.
  15. Alright guys, I'll talk to you in 4 months (or whenever I can)!
  16. Boot camp will be a breeze. My APFT scores are 80 reps for push-ups, 62 reps for sit-ups, and my 2-mile is generally around 14:30-15:00 minutes. Been bodybuilding for years so I'm good to go there. Thanks man. I actually lucked out. I did a 6/2 year contract because it would give me the most money for school. Also my unit in Springfield offered a $15,000 signing bonus plus GI Bill Kicker. We do have (and already had) some units deploy but another deployment overseas won't occur for another 3 years or so. State side, who knows what disasters may come. The tattoo is half removed so there's still some work to be done. However, the ever-changing Army tattoo policy still does not care about it. Nothing above the neck, nor below the elbows/ knees so I'm good to go there as well.
  17. Well guys, it's time. I leave for training at Fort Benning, Georgia this coming Monday and I am scheduled to return Dec. 12th. Monday marks the first day of two life changing careers since I will have about a two month break after returning from Army OSUT and then I am off to Basic Police Academy for the local city police. Just wanted to say what is going on so you will know why I am absent.
  18. Not entirely accurate. My county also got an MRAP for the local Sherrif's Department but it isn't listed in this map. However we did get 6 grenade launchers. I also find it severely ironic that Sacramento County, CA received 2 MRAPs, 8 grenade launchers, and oh yeah, 797 ASSAULT RIFLES.
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