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  1. Just checked out the YHM stainless steel QD suppressor, very impressive and the price is nice
  2. Not my style, but that was a very good performance. I admit, I DO NOT like country music or any variation of such, but I like classic rock and that is what this sounded like. And Lzzy is sexy.
  3. I can attest to these pistols as well. I have had this same one as well as the XDM .45 Compact. They are fantastic firearms with some very nice features and Newbe is a solid and staple member to this forum (if any new guys here are considering making a purchase). Good luck Sir.
  4. Out of curiosity, what do you guys think are some of the quietest suppressors for 5.56 currently? I know lots of people rave over the AAC M4-2000 and the SAS M-47 seems like a very attractive piece as well, but what are your opinions? Additionally, what 5.56 suppressors that you know of can be disassembled for cleaning/ replacing damaged parts?
  5. Well, here's the thing. I am not quite sure about the hold over for the 7mm mag vs 300 win mag, although I would assume the hold over is less since the bullet is already lighter due to size. I am very new to long range marksmanship too, this is my first long range toy. 308 and 300 WinMag are both very popular cartridges for different reasons. The 308 is a great cartridge for long-range and it is also very cheap to shoot, that is one of its biggest attractions. The 300 WinMag is commonly used in military for long-range sniper's and is a beast of a cartridge. The 7 mm magnum and the 300 WinMag are both very, and I mean VERY, similar ballistically. I am giving a slight edge to the 7 mm magnum because the foot-pounds of energy, although possibly less by maybe 100 or 200 max compared to the 300 WinMag, is still very high but the bullets fly so flat in there trajectory that with the right round, it can't potentially be a 1,500 yard gun. Also, since this is going to be both a long-range tactical and hunting rifle, I don't need my mullet to just destroy the target in the end, and believe me, a 7mm mag definitely has the ability to destroy, just not to the extent of a 300 WinMag. Lastly, at some point in time if I ever get my press set up, I am going to be reloading for all of my firearms. Reloading for the 7 mm magnum is a little cheaper compared to the 300 WinMag and I can achieve almost identical ballistics with higher ballistic coefficient bullets in the 7mm mag. It's all about just figuring out the pros and cons in relation to what your needs and desires are.
  6. Forgot to mention that the receiver is trued. Basically standard for a gun like this but it's worth noting
  7. Thank you all for the compliments. She's my baby
  8. Trued Stainless Remington 700 Long Action Magnum Receiver Stainless Bartlein #4 Barrel at 26" McMillan HTG Stock with adjustable cheek piece in 70% Olive/ 30% Black Shillen Trigger set at 2.5 lbs. Chambered in 7mm Tac Match with 1/9" 5R Rifling PT&G BDL style bottom betal and .250" recoil lug All metal components Cerakoted matte black Assembled by Brad and Keith at Phoenix Custom Rifles Enjoy. Edit 08/06/2014: Forgot to add two details.
  9. I would buy a new shotgun with a choke just to use this suppressor.
  10. I just saw this! The first thing that came to mind was No Country for Old Men, it is amazing to see one that is actually commercially available.
  11. Couldn't pay attention to the article, there were two naked ladies showering and advertising Olay soap in the ad next to the article. What are we talking about again?
  12. A lot of it depends on the use, upgrades, and other factors. I've been hanging around a Jeep Wrangler forum a lot lately and they use after-market programmers for a variety of reasons. Bigger tires, changing gear ratios, use of different grades of gasoline, type of driving, towing, they can be quite useful.
  13. Unfortunately this will be another one that I have to miss. Shipping off for One Station Unit Training at Fort Benning Aug. 25th
  14. I still love the system you helped me acquire. It is my go-to rifle and has never failed me. 16" barrel with a carbine length system and H2 buffer, works like a dream.
  15. Haha, his reaction is what makes the movie
  16. Sorry to hear that man, any major losses? Besides sense of security, of course.
  17. Grab A Gun, great website, cheap prices
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