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  1. What an idiot. I wonder if ex-senator Yee is loving some prisoners long time yet
  2. Happy Birthday man! Hope you enjoy it
  3. Judging by the name, I think that app would apply here too. Although POA and POI may be highly variable...
  4. I would just have a pair of boobs for the icon, I mean that's what you're looking for after all. I do not know of Germany's censorship laws (if any), but it seems fitting.
  5. Sweet, now it's MUCH more convenient to find my hoes. Thanks German technology! All in all, that is very funny.
  6. I don't care how destructive they are, I wish we had boar in Oregon. Open season all year + no tag limit = lots of smoked pork.
  7. Good morning guys. Sunny skies and 70 degree weather last week, snow on the ground this morning. So much for laying down the weed killing grass seed today.
  8. I'd go with a .40. In terms if ballistics, that caliber flies faster and hits harder than a .45 ACP. Although I may prefer .45 amongst other pistol calibers, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a .40 over a 9mm, especially if it was going to be for concealed carry.
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