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  1. warriorsfan177

    Saw "Red Dawn"

    Ive been waiting a long time for a remake. Love the original. hope this one is just as good.
  2. warriorsfan177

    Cheap 10mm bulk ammo

    I am talking about the most powerful stuff i can get. I am hunting boar so this is a defense gun for when they charge.
  3. warriorsfan177

    A girl brought me a Colt to fix today

    I have a colt hbar with a knights m5 ras that i got from a guy selling them for super cheap on this forum (he still might have some) mines an a2 model so it has a carry handle. It is a great rifle and has never jammed or had any problems ever.
  4. warriorsfan177

    Advice on 1st build

    I also highly recommend the LMT lower great fit and finish.
  5. warriorsfan177

    Full auto vs. Semi auto BCG?

    I once had a semi bolt snap inside the gun under normal firing conditions. It was under warranty so the company i got it from said they would send me a new semi auto bcg. Then i said send me a full auto carrier or none at all and i got what i wanted in the mail 5 days later.
  6. warriorsfan177

    First Build

    Looks great although i don't like those pencil thin barrels but its just a preference. love the tan furniture.
  7. warriorsfan177

    Cheap 10mm bulk ammo

    What about carry ammo I've long been a 45 guy and just bought a Glock 20 a month ago and so i don't know much bout ammo for this caliber.
  8. warriorsfan177

    Cheap 10mm bulk ammo

    Thanks guys looks like Scottsdale would be the best choice.
  9. Oops never mind didnt see his email at the bottom of the post. Haahaha
  10. His PM box is full what do i do?
  11. What is the cheapest bulk ammo I can buy for 10mm canned heat is not the answer because it is always out of stock.
  12. ill take an m5. what payment do you take?