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  1. fulton48

    OK, were the Gulf States

    Yeah it really is a great place other than the humidity during the summer!!!
  2. fulton48

    Couldnt help myself

    WOW lets see if i can put this into words. For the last 4-5 years i got real big into ATV mud racing(Still is the best racing IMO). However spend 14k on 2 ATV 9k on enclosed trailer 26k on truck to pull it with atleast 300-400 on fuel per race(has been 500-600), atleast one race a month if not 2. Turn around and put another 3-4k into each bike to get them Race ready!! Not to mention the overnighters working on them. then go to race if you place in both classes you might make enough to cover fuel. Then come home clean and inspect bikes. If nothing was broken do general maintaince mostly belts 100$ ea and keeping 3-5 spare and get ready for next race. if you broke something or didnt place you make nothing at the race to cover any cost then come home just to put another 300-1k into the bike just to get it going for the next race. LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN BUT VERY EXPENCIVE HOBBY Now sold truck, trailer, and one ATV, because i was going to Bahrain for a year. Went home on 2 weeks leave told my wife(who dosent mind guns however dosent really want anything to do with them) I wasnt going to do the racing bit any more as we just cant afford it anymore and I wanted to spend around 1-1.5k to build an AR. and about 1-2k a year on ammo and not have to spend money every time i go use it to fix it when i come home. I thought angles were going to come from the sky she was so happy!! And here i am going to order my upper and lower on the 1st!! However trail riding is still in our future!!!
  3. I actually really like those. I may have just found my handguard!!!!!
  4. fulton48

    New to the Armory!!

    Yep been along time since i heard any of those places. I spent most of my time up north at JWTC doing a road project. I will sure to let you know if i get to Peal. Its always good to meet new people.
  5. fulton48

    OK, were the Gulf States

    One more from Gulfport MS!!!! And home city and state of Jasper Al.
  6. Im looking to get the YHM lightweight midlength hand guard however i really like the diamond series also. I really want to know if the few ounces and the few dollars less are really worth it. Do the few ounces really make that much difference?
  7. fulton48

    GOT MY AR!

  8. fulton48

    New to the Armory!!

    Those look good and the price isnt that bad either. Oh and I probably wont bring anything with me when i come out that way just to much hassle. Not to mention i probably wonnt even have time to shoot while im there.
  9. fulton48

    New to the Armory!!

    Yes i was in Oki for about 3 months before getting shipped out to Pakiastan for earthquake relief back in 05. As for west coast have yet to be there other than passing through. Lol however i will be in Cali for about 2 months around Sep for blasting school. And Hawaii i have been wanting those orders for a while. Thats where i want to go for my retirement tour!!!!!
  10. fulton48

    New to the Armory!!

    Well I took one year unaccompined orders here. I am the Transportation Operations Supervisor. Not quite a vacation but hey not as bad as some places I have been!!! As far as componets I am looking at I know i am getting the Spikes upper and lower. I know there are others out there that are cheaper and or comparable but i really like the Spikes as i have seen and fired them. plus i am way to OCD to mix and match the two. LOL What are some good places to get engraving done?
  11. OK I'm new to the Armory and starting my first build. Firearms as a whole are not new to me however getting into the building process is. I'm currently in Bahrain and looking to have everything waiting on me when i get home. I do have a friend back home that has built a few and going to help me with the build. Im sure i will have lots of questions and thank everyone ahead of time.