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  1. funkymonkey1111

    Are Surefire really worth the money?

    surefires are great, and worth the cost. but, now look at the new Fury line-- 500 lumens, relatively cheap--you can't go wrong with one
  2. funkymonkey1111

    Steel case ammo v.s. brass ammo

    love these old wives' tales--sad when it's not old wives telling them. no problem shooting steel
  3. funkymonkey1111

    Cheapest place you have found brass .223/5.56 ammo?

    what is you issue with shooting steel, especially after only 40 rounds?
  4. funkymonkey1111

    Ammo for in-home use?

    I'd be interested in knowing about an actual case where someone was found negligent for using an AR for home defense. Care to point us to one?
  5. funkymonkey1111

    Saw "Red Dawn"

    me no rikey
  6. funkymonkey1111

    New Member in Wichita - Where to buy ammo?

    always check SGAmmo.com even with shipping they're usually the cheapest around
  7. terrible event, but there's a really, really easy way not to get get by a train...
  8. funkymonkey1111

    So I'm Kinda' Shopping For a 4dr Econo-Box...

    New Impreza--safe, Consumer Reports recommended small car, AWD, the new ones are rated at 35mpg.
  9. funkymonkey1111

    Oosthuizen double eagles 2 at Masters

    great finish to the tournament. Watson's shot out the woods was unbelievable. I thought Ooosthuizen had him on that second playoff hole
  10. funkymonkey1111

    Allstate "mayhem" commercials?

    the "teenage girl" one is my favorite "i'm like, OMG, Becky's not even hot!"
  11. funkymonkey1111

    Anybody here ever done a "Mad Minute"?

    i'm sure you all saw this was the challenge on Top Shot the other night. 38 is the record with a Lee Enfield, 15 was "acceptable," 25 was average.
  12. funkymonkey1111

    "Black Power"

    funny--when approx 50 people were shot in Chicago over St. Patrick's day, where were these guys?
  13. funkymonkey1111

    Looking for info on boots hiking.

    be sure to give a report once you get them and take them in the field.
  14. funkymonkey1111

    "Roll Marks" on the LE6920

    yes, the price was $1097. still looking around at all the options out there, but it seems that the local gun stores are thinning the herd so to speak on AR inventory. there's a few dealers here on the front range of colorado that generally have lots (5280 armory, jensen arms) that seem to have fewer and fewer each time, and the ones they have are often the high end models. buds doesn't have any of these, but thanks for the links to the in-stock and other sources. i'm new to the AR realm (not to shooting) and would like to pick one up before the hysteria gets out of hand (the hysteria has started i believe)--local gun show reports are wall-to-wall people with high prices. I'm not wed to the colt and was really looking for a SR556 Essential, but those are tough to find locally. I like the looks of the M&P optics ready model. Frankly, i'm open to anything and have reviewed the "which AR to get" threads and have found them very helpful. this site is great!
  15. funkymonkey1111

    "Roll Marks" on the LE6920

    so then functionally there's nothing different between the LE and SP rifles, correct? both are 6920 models