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  1. I hope and pray it never comes to any of that. http://youtu.be/5K9aMWrndQ4 a nice 3 minute vid on 2a
  2. My understanding of many/some places which ceased sales; they got nuthin to sale....sold out, can't get any, back orders, etc etc.
  3. The last RIA compact 1911 I shot really had a good feel and trigger; I like blued 1911s but other than that I almost bought it.
  4. The road map that is being used is pretty much like Australia; by plan or happenstance is anyone's guess. Let us hope the results are not the same.
  5. How many kids died at Waco or Okla. how many babies are aborted a day, how many kids have been killed by drone attacks this last year, how many were abused by strangers or parents etc etc....your guns turned in will not do anything to save the children: it will only let EVIL prevail. The people who have instigated and believed in gun free zones are reaping what they have sown. Now is not the time to roll over like Rover...Guns protect and stop crime hundreds and thousands of times a year (2.5 million?) Turning in your guns might make you feel better but IMO it will do nothing but make you a gun free target.
  6. Great post I am emailing the article out now
  7. Unfortunately many anti's look at all who do not share their view about guns that way.
  8. http://youtu.be/vn7bkncf1_E I thought she did a really good job and made her points clearly so even the most retarded could get the drift.
  9. Sky

    How long before

    There will be a time for cooler heads I have been reading articles on gun control, ammo control and it appears to me the comments after an article are running pro-gun 3 to 1 whilel pointing out the fallacies of the article. Before the ink is dry on any new legislation will be the time to fight and and fight hard.
  10. http://news.softpedia.com/news/Man-with-47...ed-315245.shtml There are some sick people in this world
  11. Sky

    More Drug War stuff.

    http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime...n-told-stratfor Title pretty much says it all
  12. Also I was thinking today; Mexico has one of the more serious gun bans for it's population in this hemisphere. There is a drug war there just as our leaders claim and fund @ $500 a second we have here. The people cannot protect their lives, property, or livelihood and look at how many people are killed there yearly. Governors, police, news people, are prime targets. Yep those gun bans work for those who have their own private security detail but it appears not so well for the peons or those whose security is lacking. Whatever is proposed has to get through the House so we will see.
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