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  1. Thanks Pepper! I was getting sick of reading "out of stock" The stores in my town have COMPLETELY empty shelves except for .40 cal. zip zero nada
  2. Just picked up a Ruger SP101 the other day. Never have and still dont have any problem getting .40 s&w rounds but the minute I try to find a different caliber round... well. Anybody see any in stock anywhere? .38/.357 fmjs for range is what im looking for.
  3. Ive been using mine since September. I have a variable voltage rig. Liquid and atomisers cost me 15 bucks a week
  4. I can admit it. I do get into the movies and The Walking Dead. But thats it. I can actually leave it in the living room lol
  5. COLTS ARE GARBAAAAAGE!!!! Just kidding!! welcome aboard
  6. Wait a tick! 3000 bucks and you dont even get a rear sight?
  7. maybe if it was a nice electric blue...
  8. rzeppy

    UFC tonight!

  9. rzeppy

    UFC tonight!

    I dont pay to watch any pay per views
  10. rzeppy

    UFC tonight!

    Who is everyone picking in the big rematch?
  11. I've heard Alex jones on the radio b4. He aint jokin about this. If he reports it, he believes it 100%
  12. Ironically, the officer, Jeff Gore, created the K-9 unit 11-years ago. He raised Liberty from a pup. A bloodhound, she was used for search and rescue, which is why she was kenneled. The other dog, Ceiko, is a drug sniffing German Shepherd, and goes home with its handler because they get called out at all hours. Chief Busken says we all suffer from a busy lifestyle and things competing for our attention. “Whether we’re shuttling kids here or there, whether we’re shuttling animals here or there, we get busy and inadvertently things happen. And there’s times when you have a tragedy like we have here.” I personally think Cheif Buskin should join him in the hot car.
  13. I'll give you that! Waitin sux LOL
  14. Well, dont fire him. Put him in a car for as long as the dogs were in there. Like i said above, thats absolutely inexcuseable. Especially since hes been a K9 officer for 13 years.
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