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  1. kenjlewis

    My Nighthawk Experience

    Thanks for the tip on the grips. The paper shims work well enough but is not a long term solution.
  2. kenjlewis

    Para with 10 at SHOT again

    I'm glad I read all of this. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Earlier this afternoon I put a Para LS Hunter on my 'wish list' with one of the vendors I use. I'll sleep on it.
  3. kenjlewis

    My Nighthawk Experience

    'nuf salid. I couldn't agree more.
  4. kenjlewis

    STI International Tactical 5.0

    I appreciate your interest in my problem. The Model 2011 does not have the conventional 1911 barrel bushing. I was able to remove the slide without any problem. Removing the rod guide and recoil spring was the issue. STI did return my phone calls and according to their tech department representative, I should have had a take down tool included with the pistol. They are shipping one to me tomorrow. Simple fix (hopefully) to a frustrating problem.
  5. I've spent about 3 hours over 2 days trying to remove the rod guide and recoil spring from the slide of my new STI Tactical 5.0 2011 pistol. I've read and reread the owner's manual, gone to the YouTube videos recommended in the owner's manual, and called STI twice trying to find a live person to speak with about the problems I'm having, all without success. Do any of you have experience with the disassembly of the 2011 5.0 model? Neither the 2 piece nor the 1 piece guide rod instructions seem to apply. The pistol has neither the hex head screw at the muzzle end of the guide nor the hole in the rod for inserting the paper clip as detailed in the owner's manual. I would appreciate any help or reference you can offer.
  6. kenjlewis

    My Nighthawk Experience

    I agree with all that's been said about the Glock 20 and Les Baer 1911. I now have 2 new Model 20c Glocks and one Les Baer in 45ACP that I've owned for about a year. I love the feel and flawless performance of that pistol. It's not the 1.5" guarantee version but I couldn't do that anyway. I've traded or sold off 2 other Les Baers and 2 Glock 20's but not because of performance -- I had offers I couldn't refuse. Compared to their competition, you just can't go wrong for the money with either the Glock or the Les Baer. I've read a bit about Fusion and it too seems like a quality piece for the price. I can see that as a future purchase. Thanks for sharing your experiences and opinions.
  7. kenjlewis

    My Nighthawk Experience

    Just a quick update. I traded my Nighthawk to a local enthusiast and did very well on the resale of the trade items. I've got my eye on a Para-USA 10MM. I've also purchased a Kimber Elite Custom II in 10MM but have field tested it yet.
  8. kenjlewis

    My Nighthawk Experience

    Les Baer does an excellent job on his 1911 platform semi's . I've owned 4 of those, including the one I have now in .45 ACP. Fit, finish and accuracy have been as good as the custom competition rivals. Yes, the 10MM version is difficult to find and from what I hear in my shooting circle, there won't be any more. Les has shyed away from this hard hitting and recoiling round. I've never seen one posted on his website. Maybe they have been out there, I've just never seen them. That's a shame because his pistols are real value for the money.
  9. kenjlewis

    My Nighthawk Experience

    I've owned 3 Glock Model 20's, as well as numerous other Glocks. For the $, can't beat the ease of disassembly and upgrade installations. Accuracy is better then I expected for such a value. Tuning my dies eliminated the early functioning problems when shooting reloads, which was never an issue with factory ammo. I'm a big fan of Glocks.
  10. kenjlewis

    My Nighthawk Experience

    i'm not ready to sell or trade. Perhaps with more time and experience with this pistol accuracy and function will improve. My intent with this posting was to give the reader one owner's experience with a 'premium' 1911. When paying this much, I expect no less that what I paid for. Of course this isn't the first time I feel I've been short changed. PS: The Easter Bunny didn't bring me a refund.
  11. kenjlewis

    My Nighthawk Experience

    I certainly haven't given up on accuracy tuning but my patience is running short. I've got a Glock 20c that does better than my Nighthawk at about 1/7th the investment. I appreciate the information on the Fusion. I'll certainly give that a look. I have an affection for the 10MM and any recommendation on makers who can deliver a reliable platform in that chambering is welcomed.
  12. I recently purchased a new Nighthawk 10MM long slide, chambered in 10MM auto. I'd like to share my 1st week's experience. Before any of you jump on this by posting praise for your Nighthawks (or what you've heard about others) this is my experience. I received the pistol on a Monday, and took it out to the range over the next four consecutive days. During that time, I fired a total of 135 rounds. Here's a brief description of the events: Magazine Failure – I had repeated functioning failures, including the feeding of the first round as well as failures to feed subsequent rounds during a firing string. The latter occurred regardless of the number of rounds loaded. I tried as few as 5 rounds and as many as 8. This happened with both factory and reloaded ammunition. In one instance, the slide locked open with 4 rounds left in the magazine. I tried another brand magazine and there were no feeding problems. Grip Panel – Because of a prior bad experience with cleaning solvents causing damage to wood grips, I remove the grips on my hand guns prior to cleaning. During removal, it was obvious that a screw tightening agent had been applied to the threads. When I reinstalled the left grip panel I could not torque the grips screws sufficiently to eliminate the slight rattle caused by the panel being too loose. I remedied the problem by using paper shims under the panel, installed around the screw guides in the frame. Slide Finish – There is an area on the left front of the slide which had not been properly buffed. I spent considerable time using T-shirt material and gun oil to buff the area to an 80% solution but didn't want to go further fearing damage to the finish. Recoil Spring Plug – There is an unfinished area on recoil spring plug. The factory rep explained this was due to a clip that was used to secure the plug during the final finish process. I own four Colt Model 1911 pistols, one Kimber, three Les Baers, and now one Nighthawk. Only the Nighthawk has this defect. Front Sight – On the fourth range session, I was firing the pistol as normal. On the last round of the string, the front sight flew off. My shooting buddy and I spent about 45 minutes looking for it, but could not find it. This is the most disappointing of all the problems. I’ve never had this happen to me in 44 years of shooting semi-autos. Barrel Bushing - l was able to rotate the barrel bushing by hand, without the use of a bushing wrench. I've never had this experience with any high end, custom 1911 platform pistol. See "Accuracy" below for further comment. Accuracy - I was getting 2" - 3" groups at 15 yards off a rest. This was unacceptable. I contacted Nighthawk and went through the list of problems. They issued a call tag and I shipped the pistol back to them that day. After 2 weeks, I got it back. There was not explanation of what they did, but by my inspection it was obvious they replaced the front sight because one was on the pistol. I don't know if the magazine was replaced because the one that was returned with the pistol still causes feeding problems. The grip panel still had my paper shims underneath, the slide finish hasn't been reworked and the recoil spring plug still has the unfinished area. They did return a test target which has 2 shots barely touching. The test range was 15 yards. Is that their standard of performance? I had the pistol out for another test firing yesterday, this time at 25 yards. Things have changed. This time I got 7" gourps. I also noticed I can now turn the barrel bushing by hand during disassembly. I had to use the bushing wrench before I sent the pistol back to them. In their defense, I was told that if the slide needed refinishing, it could take up to 4 weeks. I told them I didn't want to wait that long. After I got it back, I soaked the rough area with a heavy lubricating oil and buffed it with 0000 steel wool and that did the trick. This will be my last Nighthawk.
  13. kenjlewis

    Glock Armorer - Houston, TX area

    Thanks for the suggestions. It was pretty easy finding instructional videos for the mondifications I wanted. After viewing them a couple of times, I ordered a competition trigger assembly and an extended slide stop. It took all of 20 minutes to replace the two factory parts. It's surprisingly easy! I'm going to try splitting the atom next.
  14. kenjlewis

    Glock Armorer - Houston, TX area

    Thanks for the tip Cuda. I managed to find a video on the trigger change. It looked pretty easy (it always does on a video). I'll see if I can find one on the mag release retro fit. I know where Spring Guns is and I'll swing by. Thanks.
  15. kenjlewis

    Glock Armorer - Houston, TX area

    I looked at the upgrades on Glockmeister's web site for triggers, extended mag release and sights. According to their informtion, the trigger and mag release upgrades are pretty much drop-ins. The sights would have to done by a professional. Anyone have experience with the Glockmeister trigger and extended mag release upgrades? I'm just wondering how 'user friendly' they really are. See links below. http://www.glockmeister.com/prodinfo.asp?number=GMUCSTP3 http://www.glockmeister.com/prodinfo.asp?number=GMMAGCLG