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  1. One of the shops around me has the Kimber stII. Really nice gun. I have never had the opportunity to check out a Dan Wesson. The Fusion is also really catching my eye. Im just not sure about what finish I would used.
  2. I have a 20sf already and am thinking about a 1911 in 10mm. I would like to keep it under $1200. What would you guys get and why?
  3. Thanks!! I finally got to shoot my 1st 10mm hand loads and was quite pleased. The 9x25 sounds like it would be a great long range load for shooting steel plates and varmints
  4. Ive loaded for rifle and straight walled cartridges for years. I loaded my 1st auto rounds and finally got to test them. My 180gr xtp load grouped great in my Glock 20sf. I used Hornady load data 10.2 gr of Bluedot, WLP primer and Starline brass. The 155 gr load was just ok. I am still waiting on my Storm lake 6" barrel. I want to find a hotter 180gr load and try a 200 gr load.
  5. What do you use your 9x25 for? I was thinking about a stalking varmint cartridge with the 6" barrel. What kind of accuracy can I expect with it?
  6. I just started loading for 10mm (glock20) and used Hornady bullets. I have seen the Nosler 10 mm bullets $40 for 250. Have any of you used them? I would like to load close to Swampfox ammo specs. I received 3 boxes the month Mike passed away. I bought 135-180 and 200gr loads. Any how I currently have Blue dot and 800x powder. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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