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  1. Rbloodhound

    Wow, no bulk .223 anywhere

    I was waiting on Pay day (today). I guess i'll have to wait some more. I have enough for now.
  2. Rbloodhound

    Check out what my girlfriend made for me

    I like the Pink AR. I have been thinking about one for my Daughter.
  3. Rbloodhound

    why did you get your first ar15?

    I never thought that I needed an AR. Why do I need a gun like that. I have lots of hand guns and rifles. I didn't think I needed one. Then I shot one of my friends. Came on here and did some research. I bought a Bushmaster about a year ago. I bought it with some reservations about the quality. A year later I love it It will eat any thing. I have about 3000 rounds thru it. I have recently bought another AR to varmit hunt with. I put a 4 x 12 scope on it.
  4. Rbloodhound

    Your First AR...

    I recently bought my first AR. It is a basic Bushmaster. I have had it about a month and am already looking for ways to make it mine. I can see some custom builds in the future.
  5. Rbloodhound

    my 1st mad min

    Im glad you are enjoying it. My Daughter is 7 and my Son is 5. I already have them shooting. Right now they have a cricet .22. They also shoot my 22 pistols. Victoria says she want to out shoot all of the boys. In the near future I am going to build them both Ar's.
  6. Rbloodhound

    New guy from Louisiana

    Im in North Louisiana.
  7. Rbloodhound

    New guy from Louisiana

    Ok I'm buying a new Bushmaster from the Local gun shop. Not exactly what I wanted but it will be a great start.
  8. Rbloodhound

    New guy from Louisiana

    Thanks guys. Learning more everyday. Im going to the local gun store tomorrow to see what they have in stock. Im leaning towards a Bushmaster.
  9. Rbloodhound

    New guy from Louisiana

    What do yall think about this one?AR
  10. Rbloodhound

    New guy from Louisiana

    My brother in law has several. I have shot his. I guess thats what is giving me the itch. I most likely want to buy a complete rifle. I have been reading build threads and looking at links. There is a ton of info here. Thanks
  11. Rbloodhound

    New guy from Louisiana

    Im a new guy from Louisiana. I have had firearms all of my life. I am interested in learning about the Ar 15. I want one in .223. The use will be varmit hunting, Coyottes, plinking, and all around shooting. The cost of .223 ammo is a great plus. The max range I will be shooting is around 200 yards. Any thing further I have other rifles for.