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  1. I was waiting on Pay day (today). I guess i'll have to wait some more. I have enough for now.
  2. I like the Pink AR. I have been thinking about one for my Daughter.
  3. I never thought that I needed an AR. Why do I need a gun like that. I have lots of hand guns and rifles. I didn't think I needed one. Then I shot one of my friends. Came on here and did some research. I bought a Bushmaster about a year ago. I bought it with some reservations about the quality. A year later I love it It will eat any thing. I have about 3000 rounds thru it. I have recently bought another AR to varmit hunt with. I put a 4 x 12 scope on it.
  4. I recently bought my first AR. It is a basic Bushmaster. I have had it about a month and am already looking for ways to make it mine. I can see some custom builds in the future.
  5. Im glad you are enjoying it. My Daughter is 7 and my Son is 5. I already have them shooting. Right now they have a cricet .22. They also shoot my 22 pistols. Victoria says she want to out shoot all of the boys. In the near future I am going to build them both Ar's.
  6. Ok I'm buying a new Bushmaster from the Local gun shop. Not exactly what I wanted but it will be a great start.
  7. Thanks guys. Learning more everyday. Im going to the local gun store tomorrow to see what they have in stock. Im leaning towards a Bushmaster.
  8. My brother in law has several. I have shot his. I guess thats what is giving me the itch. I most likely want to buy a complete rifle. I have been reading build threads and looking at links. There is a ton of info here. Thanks
  9. Im a new guy from Louisiana. I have had firearms all of my life. I am interested in learning about the Ar 15. I want one in .223. The use will be varmit hunting, Coyottes, plinking, and all around shooting. The cost of .223 ammo is a great plus. The max range I will be shooting is around 200 yards. Any thing further I have other rifles for.
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