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  1. bigmiker21

    Fall shoot?

    I'm in columbus also, i've only been to briar rabbit for the competition, but I would be down for either.
  2. bigmiker21

    Fall shoot?

    I'd be down, I just need to know ahead of time, where is everyone close to?
  3. Glock 18, my 10.5 running on an LMT lower, and some tannerite to name a few. Don't know how to post videos but here are some links.
  4. Oh, and I'm also looking for another shotgun, I shot a brand new SX3 today and liked it, anyone recommend a nice and fast semi-auto?
  5. Did a little moving around after getting a new safe, a FatBoy Jr, and went and shot my first 2-gun today at Briar Rabbit, I think I am gonna do some more competitions.
  6. Put a payment on this today! :oh yea: Les Baer Custom 1911
  7. The glock is the host for the gemtech!
  8. here's the new one next to his buddy I'm glad i finally got my power back, lets just hope we don't lose it again! I got a chainsaw and a truck if anyone in the cbus area needs some help
  9. brought this home from the fun show started building a couple more ar's one is a 18" spr and the other is an 300black out
  10. I went the llc route, cheaper, but if you know the wording for a trust and know what and how to set it up you do not need to have someone set it up for you, i will be soon setting up a trust, but ohio llc is cake
  11. I actually didn't get any data on it. I wanted to but brother packed it up after his 41 readings, but that thing throws some serious fireballs!! i have a video but not sure how to do a video on here i'm not sure if i like the rail covers yet or not but a little more complete
  12. I got the form 1 back for this on friday! It runs great and has a very nice fireball
  13. ahh maybe i should look into getting the lever barrel threaded, but i would also love a .22 can so maybe that'll be a christmas in july present to myself :oh yea:
  14. thanks! but it's a gemtech multimount and the hosts are the 9mm AR and the glock, i want a .22 suppressor also, i like the sp101's i actually want a 3"
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