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  1. Nice job! Feels good doesn't it. I too have only had a few saves over the years as a police officer/first responder. I had one a number of years ago where we did CPR on an obese male in his 50s. The local ambulance said we brought him back and they transported him to the ER. Like most"saves" we assumed he died in the ER after asperating. 6 months later the guy walks up to me at our City celebrations and thanked us.. creepy, but gives you a good feelig among all the scum we deal with.
  2. bluto1998


    22 Miles along with over 1/3 of our department. Of our 30 cops 2 live in the city. No requirements.
  3. Well now the bad news... DRMO is on lock down. We recieved notice that our guns are now on hold. The DRMO is auditing PDs who have not been filing there paper work. They are anticipating removing several agenicies from the eligability list and recovering property. I guess we will see.. So no guns no parts for a while.
  4. Mosquitos as big as houses here. I think they are our state bird! DEET all the way. It is wonderfull woodtick season now, which make SWAT training inthe field even more fun.
  5. Sounds good thanks for the post.
  6. Nothing but postives to say for Springfield Armory customer service. I bought a loaded edition off one of our officers who knew nothing about the gun and it had a little pitting on the barrel. Called up Springfield, they said I must be the original owner since no one ever registered the weapon with them.. Lifetime warranty kicked in. I told them it was for police/SWAT use and I sent it in to the custom shop. They polished the feed ramp, replaced the extractor, gave me a new matched bushing and barrel and a new magazine all for $0. Not to mention they payed for the shipping. Oh and I got the guys 4wheeler in the deal all for $700.
  7. Maybe the ATF agent was with the secret service lately and dropped the gun in a whore house.....
  8. Just cancelled an order 2 days ago. Ordered $75 worth of shirts patches and a backpack. No e-mail no nothing for a week. Called them and they blamed my spam filter. Finally got an e-mail and everyhting but a patch was backordered. fine might have been my error. 4 weeks later still backordered no date in sight..screw it cancelled it. Funny I had good luck before.
  9. Wards sports afield 16g pump. Got it in 1987 when my parents bought it for me on my birthday from my grandfather. Still have it, going to my 7 year old some day.
  10. We dont issue AR rifles in our squads we have MP5's with 3 round burst so these rifles are for SWAT. You see our issue is that we are a 4 city team and there are some "team" rifles but these are owned by a different city and are somewhat neglected. SO thats why I'm doing this project I think our SWAT officers should be issued their own Rifle to sight in and take care of instead of pulling off the SWAT truck. Kind of like a box of chocolates on there... I personally am assigned a MP5 SD on the entry team but who would refuse a full auto SBR issued to you?
  11. The plan is to use the lower and bolt from the M16's and replace everything else with government parts including flattop uppers. The government rep says by shopping the online catalogue I should be able to get everything from short barrels with suppressors to new stocks.. we'll see.. As far as getting even one upper the answer is no. I started researching this project 3 years ago and originally planned on buying complete uppers with new furniture from Delton at around $500 each. I was put off but remaining a pain they finally gave in when I found out I can get additional free parts so if I push it too much I'll get shut down.
  12. [i think a few of them would but the PD wants control over the project so I think we need to start with the DRMO parts first. I'm trying to get the PD to pay for as much as possible. At this point our admin was against allowing personal owned pistols for duty so they bought all our hanguns. Personal uppers might be an up hill battle. Thats not to say that I might need upgraded parts for the project Still waiting for the M16's to arrive.
  13. Very nice. I've never owned a Beretta 40 but being a factory armorer and owning a 92G, 92G Vertec, 8000 Cougar G, and a Storm 9mm G, I can say I like them. Not a lot of sand up here in MN but we've had rarley a problem with dirt, mud and snow...lots of snow ..
  14. We just changed our policy a few years ago. All tattoos if visible are reviewed by the chief. He decides if they offensive and can be displayed. Summer most have to wear a tan sleeve or long sleeve uniform shirt.
  15. Hey guys, I am new to the site and new to AR style builds. I have been a Police armorer for several years on the MP5's and several pistols but I am now starting a new project. I am going to armorers school for the AR platform this summer and have ordered many parts. The project:Converting M16A1 rifles to M4 using government available parts. Our SWAT team has little to no money due to cut backs and adding a team member(new training costs etc) So using the government DRMO I can obtain free parts on loan. So far the M16-A1's are on the way along with an M4 upper, M4 short barrel, and Aimpoint comp M2. I plan on creating 6 M4's. So if you guys will have me I'd love to post progress and ask the experts here for advise along the way. Thanks
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