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  1. No, i put some cash towards it, more than 1000 but less than 2000
  2. Im so ready for winter to be over, i work on the river so take the ouside temp and take 5-10 deg off and thats what it feels like on the river
  3. I cant wait to ride it, its 30f otside today and im going out of town tomorrow for 3 weeks. Hopefully the weather is nice when i get home
  4. Im not loosing any sleep, we talked the deal over for 3-4 days. He had plenty of time to change his mind. I even called him this morning before i left to pick it up and asked if he was sure. He is have a back surgury in a week and wont be able to ride this season and said he didnt want it sitting all summer. Right place right time for me
  5. I traded a colt sporter i bought a few months ago, ive got plenty of other guns and the colt was just in the back of my safe. The bike is a 71 harley, got it and the bags, a brand new 300$ bag that mounts to the sissy bar, all the original parts. I gave him some cash to boot, but not much
  6. I was made an offer i couldnt refuse for my colt sporter. I think i did good, its a 71 harley
  7. Those are some nice paint jobs. How did you do it, is there an online guide or something I could read?
  8. Are they getting the DPMS Sportical? Whats the price walmart is charging now?
  9. I was in Dunhams today and they are starting to get some tactical gear in. They had some s&w mp 22's and some other ar 22. Ammo is still non existent though He said they are supposed to be getting some bushmasters and some colt ar15's soon.
  10. I have one as well, I have it posted on another forum for remote control stuff, that's my second hobby. I do a lot of selling and trading there, hers the link http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1641127 Garrett
  11. Thanks for the link, I need the opposite and found it there. Have to back order it but that's fine Garrett
  12. Heres my newest one, pre ban Colt Sporter Lightweight. Bought off a friend in need for a great price, dont plan on changing anything and keeping it as a plinker. Heres my DPMS
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