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  1. venado

    Hot loads

    Thanks for the reply, I don't think I have any non-magnum primers.
  2. venado

    Hot loads

    sqlbullet: no offense taken, here is your request: Case: Fed., multi-use Bullet: Hornady xtp, hollow point, 180 grn. Powder: Hodgdon Long Shot Powder charge: 9.5 grains Cartridge length: 1.26" Average velocity: 1300 f.p.s. 5 shots, extreme spread=28 f.p.s. Primer: CCI 350
  3. I joined this forum because I am a hot-rodder. Nothing I love better than the roar and the flash of a hot load. I am wondering if there are others lurking here that feel the same way, but are afraid of the people that seem to monitor all the shooting forums for our "safety". Maybe you have developed some ways of going beyond the norm. I just bought a 10mm, because I had read about the tremendous power it has. Had never tried one before. I must say I was disappointed. So far I have made it to 1300 f.p.s., and expect to make it to 1400 f.p.s. when the weather permits. This is far away from what I have been able to do with a .45 acp. Not trying to offend anyone, and I do believe the 10mm is a great caliber. I do believe that people of like mind could get their heads together, and we could all benefit. Might need to pm some of the information so it would not be used by novices and cause injuries. Be safe and happy reloading. Venado