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  1. Hi Guys! WTB: Dan Wesson 1911 Classic Commander Bobtail in 10MM I am willing to pay up to $1500, by U.S. Postal Money Order, for a Two-Tone Dan Wesson CBOB 10MM in great condition. Original SKU# 01963. I also will seriously consider any all stainless DW CBOB in 10MM. This would include the earlier DW Bobtail Patriot (PT-CBOB) in 10MM. Since I’m posting this request at many different forums and classified sites, and don’t know if I need to read responses only in the site, you are welcome to contact me directly at RealSureCure@gmail.com or call me, Gwenda Lyn at 763-753-3667. Or, contact me through my Blog: http://StrivingForSurvival.com Please help me, this money is burning a hole in my pocket!
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