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  1. hzhardy

    Hey hzhardy

    Thank you all for the wishes. I have been very busy with the shop and dealing with some of my service connected issues. I do not get a lot of time to be able to do forums anymore, but i happened to see Joels message notification in my email.
  2. It would be interesting to run through it paces
  3. Cool, i am curious how long they can stay loaded before the lips fail! Next time you come up bring one or two up so I can run it through the 16 to put it through its paces!
  4. Well, we have a firing pistol!!! It is a bit picky with ammo, but it loves federal hst hollow points and since flesh want this as a carry gun that is a plus. 40sw is one of the toughest rounds to build in this platform especially with a non ramped barrel. The 180gr 40sw fmj truncated shape projectile is not friendly to the steep ramp pictured here You don’t want to mess with this geometry to much or you end up having issues like Glock did with the unsupported chambers of the first gen pistols. If i had a few extra mags to play with I would like to trim on lip length to play with the cartridge release timing to see if I can work around that. Either way this pistol took a lot of work in this area as it had a huge gap from the frame to barrel ramp, but as you can see that has been taken care of. The action job on this pistol is definitely something to be proud of. After careful prep work and stoning surfaces and setting primary and secondary sear surfaces this puppy tipped the trigger gauge at a whopping 2lbs 11oz!!! Once you take out the slack and hit the wall it goes with no creep what so ever. Enough talk, here are some more pics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I got the msh fitted and blended to the frame and bead blasted all my work areas and polished what needed in prep for blueing. Everything went perfect as expected with hot blueing. I do tend to see some rainbow effect on mim parts as can kind of see on the mag catch and safety but for the most part it is negligible unless you want to upgrade. It is amazing though how it does not even look like the same gun lol. I still need to finish the action up, and for the life I cant find my damn reamer... i have upwards 100 reamers and this is nowhere to be found... I think I may have loaned it out and forgot who I loaned it to? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I slept in this morning and hang out with my daughter, we are about to have lunch with my wife then I will be headed into the shop to get this one wraped up. This is going to be a long night so I doubt I will get an update posted as I plan to be blueing till about10pm tonight, but I am excited to see this thing together. I did do a standard shaping of ejector so once I finish ream the barrel I plan to test fire prior to blueing so I can work on tuning the ejection patern.
  7. Tomorrow i have to fit the MSH and polish to final sheen and blue. I also need to chamber barrel, finish polishing the recoil plug, bushing and barrel. The action job will come later this week.
  8. I have had the opportunity to do many projects fo many of you guys a d for that i am thankful! Either way Flesh and I have been talking about this for what seems like a couple years about this project he had sitting around and I finally got my hands on it this last summer. Flesh sent me an STI frame he had cone across and and a liquidated Para slide from Sarco among other parts gathered through out time. Originally the task was to just make it work, but there is no fun or creativity in that. Once we verified the Para slide was not stainless I bead blasted the original finish off started to draw file the flats. When I do this I even remove the grip bushings and plunger tube. When work on that I even filed the slide stop protrusion smooth with the frame. I work my way up to 600 grit paper here. The barrel fitting is quite a bit of work and with the way this year has gone and my work load I was not able to capture picture to explain the measurement for the width and length as well as setup in the mill. Today I spent a couple hours blending the the slide, extractor, ejector and frame together. This is one of my huge pet peeves of mine on 1911 especially on high tier pistols. Something I tried new with this build was the crown. I have cut the crown deep with the hand cutter from Brownells before, but this time i tried it on the lathe. I chucked the whole slide and barrel assembly in the lathe with the 4 jaw chuck and dialed the muzzle in. Now remember the barrel does lock up at an angle so you can not actually crown the barrel in this manner so I slowly moved the tool in but never touched the factory crown. I just flowed the barrel bushing into the outer portion of the barrel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Yeah, lucky for both of us this one is gone already. One kf my good friends bought it for his daughters first gun. I was happy that it did not get horded away in an obscure collection. This family has a long heritage of sportsmanship so it will be enjoyed and taken well cared of.
  10. hzhardy

    Finnish SKY m39

    I need to edit title, it’s actually a sako. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. hzhardy

    Finnish SKY m39

    Yes it does Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. It has broadhead stamps on it showing gov ownership and has some unkt stamp on back strap but i know nothing of it
  13. I have a xps 2 i would sell for 300, dont know if that is cheap enough for him.
  14. I am curious as to what you are getting rid of? I know several collector and could point you in the right direction instead of paying consignment fees.
  15. Beautiful example of a Finnish m39. The finish is great and bore is perfect. This gun is extremely clean! Asking 650 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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