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  1. hzhardy

    541 s custom like new

    Yeah, lucky for both of us this one is gone already. One kf my good friends bought it for his daughters first gun. I was happy that it did not get horded away in an obscure collection. This family has a long heritage of sportsmanship so it will be enjoyed and taken well cared of.
  2. hzhardy

    Finnish SKY m39

    I need to edit title, it’s actually a sako. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. hzhardy

    Finnish SKY m39

    Yes it does Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. hzhardy

    Boer war mkiv webley un modified all matching

    It has broadhead stamps on it showing gov ownership and has some unkt stamp on back strap but i know nothing of it
  5. I have a xps 2 i would sell for 300, dont know if that is cheap enough for him.
  6. hzhardy

    Thinning out my collection

    I am curious as to what you are getting rid of? I know several collector and could point you in the right direction instead of paying consignment fees.
  7. hzhardy

    Finnish SKY m39

    Beautiful example of a Finnish m39. The finish is great and bore is perfect. This gun is extremely clean! Asking 650 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. This pistol is in great condition and appears to be the original or re arsenaled finish. I will let the pictures speak for it, but i am asking 1300 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. hzhardy

    541 s custom like new

    I have an excellent condition 541 custom shop gun for sale. The blueing it perfect, the wood and checkering is perfect and the adjustable match trigger is sweet! I am asking 900 shipped to your ffl. I know it is expensive for a 22 but tge scrole work is amazing!
  10. hzhardy

    My free BCA AR15 barrel arrived today!

    Mine should arrive monday
  11. hzhardy

    Wts RRA a4 carbine

    The light is the surefire m500 and has a pressure pad built into the handguard with a lower output navigation light. Right now it has a fortis rail as a customer was interested but appears to have backed out. I can switch back out farely easy. I kind of want to sell it as a package deal but would entertain offers also. If itnis just the light system you want indk mot mind selling it seperate for 150 shipped. Either way i plan on throwing it up on gun broker soon it does not sell.
  12. I have tried it and could not get bolt to close on 300blk? Sounds to me the bcg is out of spec to allow an out of battery ignition?
  13. hzhardy

    Were there ever "Chinese AK KITS"

    Two rivers here got a hold of a North Korea kit. The stuff they put together is awesome!
  14. hzhardy

    Hey hzhardy

    Thank you
  15. hzhardy

    Here it comes! Republican proposes new gun law

    As for theft i have seen and heard of cases where whole safe was take. One, the safe was even bolted down. Owner was out of town and the theif knocked holes through the drywall to pass through chains and wrapped them arroind the safe. After a few pops the pad let loose and the safe was pulled through the walls and loaded up. It was rural as that would bring a lot of attention.