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  1. more reliability issues in a 7.5, Id go with a 1-0.5
  2. Id do what needs to be done to preserve my right to arms. Government grants NOTHING, the 2A is merely a natural right the FF ENUMERATED as unalienable t tell government to back off. Laws that violate the BoR are not legitimate
  3. This is why I havnt bought a 10mm, I want a CZ pattern gun like the DD Bren 10, not a 1911, the EAA is as close as I can get until the VLTOR 10mm comes out(if ever) but I hear about this with their 10mm guns all the time, especially firing full loads
  4. theres a video online that gives the pertinent's on the rifle
  5. They are killing me with this. I emailed last year and they said news was coming and it was in the works, they then release their new email saying they had everything finalized, the design, engineering, metallurgy etc and it should be coming. Now at SHOT, they say no not this year theres problems etc. I guess im just gonna buy a 1911 in 10mm, I don't know what else to do, the EAAs are iffy etc...anyway I feel like Carrie Fisher in Blues Brothers and VLTOR is Jake- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFvujknrBuE
  6. I can absolutely put together a rifle cheaper than a colt and every bit as good and with more features like rails etc. Colt is riding their name, and fools keep paying for it because someone told them its better because it says colt. After the fit they pitched about losing their overpriced contract for the military, Ill never own one again. Plenty of other equal or better quality rifles out there
  7. y'all are acting like an AR is a 100yd weapon, M4 types are good out to 300 easily. The USMC makes theirs qual at 500 even with an M4. So I guess all those Marine shooters are just lucky huh...
  8. The answer is: Whichever round your weapons shoots best. Test a cross sample of your available ammo, go to the range. My bushmaster had a 1/9 twist, 14.5" barrel with perm attached izzy hider, it loved RORG SS109 and would produce amazing groups with it
  9. this is why we cant have nice things. Everyone is about the things they like, but will happily denounce others, this applies to our Liberty as well. There is no such thing as luck, there is chance and skill/ Im sure theres a complicated math formula using the theory of big numbers that could solve this, but I suck at math. Hes an experienced marksman, who made a shot well within the envelope for the platform, using his knowledge of ballistics, his zero and drop, and made one heck of a shot. Used to be a 300yd shot was not anything special, it was expected, now we see its now some unfathomable feat of luck *rolleyes* maybe hes a Witch? LOL Good shot man!
  10. I also prefer a 20" barrel. I use a adjustable carbine stock with an H-buffer, its an amazing handling rifle
  11. Im amazed so many are like 'you are wrong' well, the drop and kill shows otherwise. This is why I dont use SS109, I KNOW a 55gr FMJ round will do it as designed. Im more amazed at his ammo, as Tula/Wolf used to be basically underpowered range fodder IMO, but I was wrong What zero did you use?
  12. We need pics man! Yeah im done with batteries as well, amazing how many options that culls alone. Still not sure If im gonna use the Israeli M21 or a 1-4x with etched reticle
  13. I gotta get a new pair soon as well, but they must be resoleable. I spent a good amount of time on concrete which eats soles up, but the uppers are fine. I may try Wolverine, or just see what I can get surplus that's resoleable as I cant spent $300 for a pair of Danners
  14. Government has been pushing this for a long time, you are easier to control, track and monitor with a cashless society
  15. My issue is that they will do whatever they are told to, and follow any law placed into effect and how the good cops will cover for the bad. They also no longer de escalate because they can just taze you now so they bring no skills to bear except yell, escalate and taze as needed. Their behavior also seems to be based on where you are. City cops are the worst, most rural county Sheriffs are cool etc. I think part of the issue is they are indoctrinated their whole lives in school that the state is the boss, then they go to college and this is reinforced that rights come from government, and the government is the boss, then add people who are attracted to power with this mentality, give them power and a badge and the ability to get away with almost anything and not be punished, and we have our present pickle.
  16. I get the thick 'work boot' socks from Wal-Mart because I cant wear wool
  17. As much as I like Full auto, I don't need it necessarily, I can build a sniper rifle, well assemble one anyway. Id take the 20K Go buy that M1A Ive always wanted
  18. I love MI rails, they are rock solid and just great IMO, and they aren't to spendy but very high quality. AFA the VLTOR my only complaint is the way the cheek pieces attack love yanking face armor on occasion
  19. Nothing wrong with a Del-Ton, good quality for a great price.
  20. If I didn't just drop a bunch on a Surefire white light kit Id see if you wanted to sell. Love those things, just dang spendy
  21. yeah its going the way of WWB LOL Any Q3131 hitting shelves in case format? that's good ammo to?
  22. I am a huge fan of VLTOR, but my Brother in Law got a B5 for his Ruger SR556 and I freaking love it. If I hadn't just put a Magpul ACS I scored on it at that time id have bought a B5. My next AR will have the B5. Super solid stock, great weld, strong just feels nice.
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