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  1. was in their Lexington ky store last weekend and no sign was posted will have to check the next time i am down there
  2. to hell and back none but the brave battleground
  3. donate body to university of Tenn body farm no embalming lets nature take its course and information gained from rate of decomp under different conditions is used by scientific and law enforcement organizations
  4. scored 200 rounds of federal5.56 and 100 cci 22lr at cabelas in lousville friday also found 500 22lr that i had forgot i had last week
  5. went to cabelas in louisville today and picked up 10 boxes of federal 5.56 for $10 per box
  6. currently working my way through George R. R. Martins A Song of Ice and Fire series
  7. only one on the ballot in Ky would protect right to hunt and fish
  8. another newb grew up in williamsburg in southeastern ky lived in georgetown for 15 years now
  9. got to be my 550 I have only used it once and the new toy is always my favorite
  10. kd608

    a step up

    just finished using my new 550 for the first time ran 100 44 mag loads and have to say that it is a giant step up from the lee classic turret that i was using. can't wait to get dies so i can start reloading 10mm
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