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  1. Can I removed my front post sight? if so do i need an armorer to do it?
  2. i was thinking something more tame lmao any opinions on the vortex strikefire? i want to be able to use the iron sights if need be and looks like that one gives a good cowitness
  3. sorry forgot it is a 16" barrel, and 300 yards max but i can do that with iron sights if needed haven't been to the range yet with it military days i fired expert so i shouldn't have a problem with 300 yards and iron sights if need be, mostly want a half decent red dot for 100 yards or so mostly just for quick close aquistion
  4. 16" barrel and budget wise about 200 or so dollars maybe more on optics, for now though i'm gonna have fun with the iron sights almost reminds me of my military days with the A1 first off I need to get me some magpul mags from what i've read about them they are great magazines.
  5. what optics you using i like the looks of it ? my eyes aren't that great either lmao ever since i hit 40. 50 now and could use some good optics any suggestions?
  6. http://i1260.photobucket.com/albums/ii574/...1/newgun240.jpg
  7. finally picked up my AR I know it is naked for now but it is my first AR
  8. lmao how do you post pics? i just got mine today and want to post?
  9. I actually like the graphics on your new gun looks wicked
  10. welcome from one noob to another pick up my new AR today at noon LOL taking a long lunch at work to go pick it up
  11. welfare was meant for emergencies in case of job lose or some unforseen emergency, NOT A WAY OF LIFE! it sickens me too it is the same everywhere in this country. i'm a fim believer welfare breeds welfare, they grow up seeing mom and dad getting welfare and not even trying to get a job then the kids think that is the way life is suppose to be. It needs to stop and be used like it was meant to be. for the unfortunate that looses their job
  12. guess umc is out of the question then for my new AR lol
  13. good article thanx very much for the info i'm new to the AR scene have many many other firearms but finally broke down and bought an AR i ended up buying a DELTON sport to start with will post pics and let you know how the range session goes
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