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  1. I’m looking at the Ruger 556 MPR. On paper, it looks to be pretty much what I want, except for the muzzle brake . There seems to be a mixed bag of experiences with them . Some have reported failure to feed and failure to lock back on the last round. Most problems are dated 2018. . Does anyone know if Ruger has resolved the issues since then?
  2. I have had two from the same litter. They bonded more with each other than they did with us. They were inseparable . I agree with tow truck . Also with the logic that she needs to be there if it is to be her dog.
  3. When I see all that has gone into the Springfield, I am amazed at the price. The trigger will likely be better than mil spec, but if not to your liking, $80 gets you a nice RRA trigger. I have not seen the reports on groups with the free float barrel. What can one expect?
  4. Thanks for the post . I went to double check that my cabinet with my gunpowder was no where close to an outlet!
  5. I just saw this advertised this morning! I am quite happy with my Strike eagle 1x6. I would love to take a look at the 1x8. I think retail on it was listed at $450. Street value will probably be less. I paid $329 for my Strike Eagle 1x6. I've shot 15 round 7/8' groups with it at 100 yards. I'm not that good usually . The rifle and ammo, and bench rest had a lot to do with it, but from that I concluded the Strike Eagle is not a weak link in my platform. I usually lean to high dollar items with the belief that you get what you pay for. Higher end stuff is likely better in some respects, but I don't need any better than this and would recommend it highly.
  6. Something very similar happened at my church years ago. The pastor was fired. Then I believe the church worked out a payment plan for him to pay them back. His new Cadillac was confiscated, and I believe he had to put his home up as collateral for the "loan" The church kept it pretty darned quiet.
  7. I live maybe 5 miles from the kid in the video. It is about 45 miles from the city of Chicago. No words.
  8. You know at the time I thought they were just really cool. But if you listen to the live recording, they are a very precise, clean, tight sounding group. These guys were fantastic musicians. George Harrison plays so clean.
  9. I use a Dewey rod and a bore guide to brush the barrel. The latest batch of bronze brushes I have are pretty loose. So I've been using some nylon ones that are very snug. However , I find bronze works much better if they fit tight. Then I use the Otis kit to run cleaning patches . I never get the patch size right with a jag. Either too big or too small and not tight enough. The Otis kit gets it right with a goood snug fit. To get copper out, I brush the bore with copperzilla. The stuff is great as long as the temperature is over 70 F. Let it sit and then pull dry patches and leave a light coating of Gunzilla clp in the barrel. Someone above mentioned not over cleaning . I totally agree . I was obsessed with getting a mirror clean finish in one of my pistols . I ended up getting it so clean I could see a tool mark that ran about 2" exactly parallel with the rifling. That bugged me more than a little fouling . Besides that, I find my rifle groups much better when I don't go overboard . Ymmv! Have fun,
  10. Well first they have to see our planes. But it certainly is a tell when Russian Jets can buzz an American battleship without getting shot out of the sky. I remember when we were the bear you didn't want to poke.
  11. Only with Oblome in charge would we get our butts kicked.
  12. That is a great point. I have noticed it more when I shoot shotgun than anything. I have Pro Ears Gold electronic muffs for that. I have also used them shooting the AR, and they are for sure more comfortable and less intrusive on the cheek weld. I find doubling up with foam plugs seems to give about the same protection as the higher rated Leights that I have. This is of course very qualitative.
  13. I wear plugs rated at 31dB nrr, and Howard Leight ear muffs rated at 29 dB nrr. I did some research and the net effect is that doubling up adds about 5dB of noise reduction to the highest rated device. So in my case, the plugs are 31dB mrr. The Howard Leights would make the total NRR about 36dB.. There is a pretty significant difference doubling up IMHO.
  14. If innocent lives are saved, I have no problem with it at all as a last resort.
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