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  1. I'm thinking about buying a Nikon Monarch 4-16x42 mildot. Is there anything out there that you prefer over this scope for less than $400? I'm really looking for a milgap reticle with dashes but would settle for the Nikon mil-dot.
  2. Crime_Dog_McGruff

    Livengoodoutdoors.com Safe?

    Has anyone ordered from livengoodoutdoors.com? Just looking at their prices, wondering if their safe or not? Thanks
  3. Crime_Dog_McGruff

    Bi-Pod, Which one to buy?

    Three votes for harris! I'll look into it thanks! I'll check out atlas too for good measure.
  4. Looking to get a bi-pod for a heavy barrel bolt action. Don't know much about them.. What do you use? I'll be doing a little long range shooting, but also simply hunting 100-200 yards.
  5. Crime_Dog_McGruff

    Best Rings for Heavy Barrel Bolt?

    I don't know whether I'll go out past 600 or not ATM. But I will certainly be doing some hunting at 100-200 yards. So I might be better served with Zero MOA. What do you think? What about brands, I've heard Talley, Seekins, Badger, and Leupold. I'm looking for one piece mounts.
  6. Crime_Dog_McGruff

    Best Rings for Heavy Barrel Bolt?

    I should add I'm looking at rings for a remington 700.
  7. I've been thinking about Talley Rings, but I'm wondering if their alloy is just as rigid as steel would be. I'm not very concerned about weight as these rings will be going on a heavy barrel rifle. If not Talley, what rings should I choose?
  8. Crime_Dog_McGruff

    #2 Contour VS #6 Contour Heat Dissipation?

    Same brand, same rifle. Looking at Howa 1500s.
  9. How much better does a #6 contour barrel dissipate heat than a #2 Contour? How much faster will a #6 contour allow you to shoot before the barrel gets hot than will a #2 contour?
  10. I'm in the market for some bases and rings or maybe a one piece mount. I'm lost as to even where to start this process. Do I need the gun and scope "on hand" before I even begin trying to fit bases and rings? What are the best rings and bases out there? And should I go with a one-piece rig rather than the traditional? What are the plusses and minuses and how much does a one piece rig interfere with access to the magazine. Specifically, I'm looking for equipment for a Howa 1500. I haven't bought a scope for it yet, but thinking of a Nikon 4-16x42mm. Thanks!
  11. Crime_Dog_McGruff

    Ordered Howa 1500.. Help with bases and rings?

    Looking at even only their models for Howa, I'm confused. What's with all the the different sizes and how would I know which one I need before ordering without having the scope, base+rings, and rifle on hand? If anyone has a Howa 1500, fitted with a 1" tube scope and a 42mm reticle, it would be a great help to know what base you are using/have used. This is the link I was looking at http://www.talleymanufacturing.com/cgi-bin...tegory_recnum=6
  12. Crime_Dog_McGruff

    Ordered Howa 1500.. Help with bases and rings?

    Do the rings come with the one piece base? With a 42mm, do I need "low" rings or what?
  13. I've ordered a Howa 1500 that hopefully will be in town at my FFL in a week. I need to know what kind of bases and rings to get for it. I plan to possibly put a Nikon Monarch 4-16x42mm scope on it... if this makes a difference as to how low or high I might need to be mounting the scope, or if it would affect the size of rings needed. Do you prefer a one piece base, and if so, why? I've never mounted a scope, so thanks for your help.
  14. Crime_Dog_McGruff

    Which Caliber is better for 140 grain bullets? 270, 308

    Does anyone know anything about 7.62x51 147 grain Portugal 83-2 surplus ammo? What should I pay for it? It's $.50 per round now
  15. Crime_Dog_McGruff

    Which Caliber is better for 140 grain bullets? 270, 308

    Deer aren't that big here, I think the 270 better serves all of my hunting needs from varmints to deer. Chances are I'll be making very few long shots past 100-150 with the woods and line of sight as it is. I'm planning on playing with my toy a bit and doing some range shooting, and you've told me as I've heard elsewhere that 308 surplus can be found cheapest of any cartridge of similar caliber. What keeps me from buying a 270, is the edge 308 may have in availability, esp in shortages I would assume. I've heard that 308 has a wider selection of bullets, but I've yet to see anyone outline exactly what grain weights are commonly available for both calibers. I realize that 130,150 are the most popular in 270, but don't know what other grain loadings can be easily found? I'm curious as to what it maximum feasible grain weight in a 270 1:10 twist? In 308, I know that 165s are very popular and some of the surplus stuff is 175g. What else is common in 308?