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  1. Success!!! I used a rounded shoe lace as my noose, tied in a screwdriver about four inches past the face of the receiver to use as a handle, drenched it in CLP for two days and presto! It came right out!! I was surprised at how little force it required after the CLP worked its magic. I am continuing the build...and I have learned my lesson. Thanks Everyone!!
  2. When I got my upper reciever and BCG in the mail I decided to do a test fit with the charging handle installed just to be 100% sure that it would fit. While removing the bolt, and without thinking, I pushed on the front of the bolt to remove the BCG without unlatching the charging handle...which misalligned the cam. Costly error, but now I know to need do it again. I'm working on it as we speak. I will keep you all posted.
  3. This was my first thought. I got some paracord wrapped it around the bottom of the bolt face and twisted/pulled it the way I need it to go using a screw driver as leverage...no dice. The bolt is brand new so it is very tight in there. Thanks alot for all the replies I really appreciate it. I will try some vice grips next....possibly I could use my compressor to blow a burst of air into the gas key, might work. I will keep you all posted.
  4. Hello, I recently purchased most of the parts for my AR build. When I received the upper/BCG/Charging handle I test fit the BCG in the upper. Everything fit fine but the problem is when I was taking the bolt out I pushed on the front of the bolt to remove the BCG without unlatching the charging handle(Stupid I know). Now the bolt is closed inside the upper receiver, and the bolt cam will not line up with the raceway as a result I cannot remove the BCG from the upper receiver. I have included some pictures showing how far back I can pull on the charging handle before it locks up. My question is should I continue building the rifle with the BCG stuck in the upper like this, or is it smarter to remove it before continuing? If it is smarter to remove it how can I go about opening the bolt so the bolt cam will align with the raceway so I can remove the bolt from the upper? I have tried wrapping pliers with electrical tape and grabbing one of the bolt lugs and pulling/rotating but the thing just wont budge Everything is brand new and I haven't put any rounds threw it, meaning the bolt is still a little tight in the carrier. I have sprayed some CLP all over the bolt and I am going to let it sit overnight and try again tomorrow. Thanks
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