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  1. Flesh Wound

    Great Sling For Less $$

    If you have sling loops you can take the QD connector off and loop it through the loop. Sorta like this:
  2. But your title says parts kits and nowhere until now didja say whoops! kit....
  3. Flesh Wound

    Trigger springs

    I have two ALG's and like them a lot. The pull is not light but they are very consistent and clean when they break.
  4. Flesh Wound

    Trigger springs

    It's not about the springs. It's about engagement angles and the friction between parts. You need a better trigger set or a trigger job done.
  5. After the screw up with the drilling of the compact Glock-like Polymer80 frame I've finally got a new similar frame in hand and am ready to begin again on this project. This time I will drill the holes first and then be able to do a much better looking milling job on the frame now that I've bought a small benchtop milling machine. Just as in the other start of this project I have bought a new Rockslide complete upper in Cerakote OD green. This will be built out as a 9mm Gen 3 G26 like pistol.
  6. Flesh Wound

    ISIS is defeated!!!

    Yay. Now salt the earth with pigs blood to forever keep these heathens out.
  7. Flesh Wound

    New Zealand Ban Effective Immediately

    Link worked just fine for me.
  8. Flesh Wound

    I need a lathe and maybe a mill

    You were just saved from yourself.
  9. Flesh Wound

    I’m glad to no longer be on the FD some days

    Pretty good news.
  10. Flesh Wound

    I need a lathe and maybe a mill

    You will be wasting your 350 bucks. You will be angry at it nearly every time you use it. It will end up in your way because it's such a pile of poop you won't use it. Also, one more point to consider. very limited work envelope.
  11. Flesh Wound

    I need a lathe and maybe a mill

    Lon, don't do it. You will hate that machine if you have any experience working with real machines. They in two small words "suck ass".
  12. Flesh Wound

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from North Texas!