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  1. Seems like they are out of all the interesting 9mm pulls.
  2. And I still have not been able to get to the range and test the 22 MAG upper I bought from BCA. In my defense I've been a bit busy with getting married and the holidays.
  3. "Don't give me a P-39. The engine is mounted behind. They'll tumble and spin and auger you in, Don't give me a P-39."
  4. According to a report I read this morning, a pilot (and lawyer) was on the ground taking photos and listening to the comms. He reports the controller told the P63 to overtake the B-17. From what the different videos show it sure looks like the P63 lost sight of the B-17 under it's nose.
  5. Cool as hell. I have a Brno ZKM 468 around here somewhere.
  6. I have a variety of lighter colors on-hand. White, off white, yellow, pumpkin spice....
  7. They are different. These are almost twice the size as the originals. This allows you more granularity when adjusting the throw. They also have the cool logo my Fiance designed for our new CAD solutions business. Photo shows old vs. new. Unforch the lighting hides the details on the face.
  8. Been busy in the CAD/3D print lab room. Came up with some large knobs for the Dillon powder dispensers. The larger size allows for finer control of the adjustment knob. Gauging interest. Pics later this weekend.
  9. Right. The really hard part is getting the primer into the rim. I saw a video a long time ago from one of the big ammo makers on how 22LR was made. Very insightful video it was. Seems to me the dies are the easy part.
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