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  1. Flesh Wound

    Where's Ol' Remus?

    I know a guy that knows Remus. I've reached out. Awaiting reply.
  2. Flesh Wound

    In 1969 this man warned us but we didn’t listen.

    Just about everything presented or written by Ed Griffin is worth your time. His 1984 interview with Yuri Bezmenov is a must see. (video, 26m 05s)
  3. Flesh Wound

    Lunch from my garden!

  4. Flesh Wound

    Got an iPhone? You have a COVID-19 tracker.

    Case numbers are up due to better/more testing.
  5. Flesh Wound

    Good Morning!

    Good morning and happy Father's Day from North Texas!
  6. Latest IOS update puts this garbage on your phone. https://theferalirishman.blogspot.com/2020/06/he-aint-heavy-hes-my-big-brother.html
  7. Flesh Wound

    Short barrel AR's (under 16" Barrel) - 100+ yards

    Ok folks. Keep this civil.
  8. Flesh Wound

    Short barrel AR's (under 16" Barrel) - 100+ yards

    Here's a recent video from Paul Harrell. Short, longer, even longer!
  9. Flesh Wound

    I can see this happening....

    As messed up as everything is...
  10. They are falling to the "second generation" failures in business. Between this and the previous inclusion gaff I'd be shocked if they do not suffer financially.
  11. Flesh Wound

    More so that's how they do that...

    Cutbacks on staffing.