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  1. Flesh Wound

    Bernie Dropped out

  2. That right there. Basically what everyone else calls a "County Executive" It's a Texas thing.
  3. Flesh Wound

    Bernie Dropped out

    Don't worry. Joe is unelectable and *everyone* knows it. Hillary will swoop in and fix things for the Dems.
  4. Flesh Wound

    Your test results...

    Maybe a nice polka instead?
  5. Flesh Wound

    .40 S&W in a 10mm

    Bad idea. Cases like 40, 9mm 10mm etc use the case mouth for headspacing. What you have going with 40 in 10 is the extractor holding the cartridge in place with enough strength to keep it in place when the firing pin hits. Bad juju man. bad.
  6. Flesh Wound

    2020 Get Together and shoot

    I'm pretty sure a shoot has been on the works since last shoot. I'm hoping this is still on. I missed last year due to new employment.
  7. Flesh Wound

    Vet's home infected

    Gents, I know we are all a little amped up right now. However please keep this civil. This thread is a somber thing and I do not want to see this turn into a dick swinging contest.
  8. Holy crap. That's big news. I seem to remember one of the early tests for the Kung Flu was a CT of the lungs looking for that opacity in the lungs. ETA: Don't tell me this is not an engineered bioweapon that the doofuses in China incompetently let loose.
  9. Flesh Wound

    John Prine has passed.

    God Bless. Now you and Sam Stone can hang out.
  10. Flesh Wound

    Helping ??? Whom might I ask !! China's coffers ?

    Palmetto has surplus Israeli 7.62x51 ammo on sale today.
  11. Flesh Wound

    Hey Alexa...

    Me: Alexa. What's the weather tomorrow? Alexa: Don't worry. You aren't going anywhere.
  12. Flesh Wound

    Pussy is Dead Honor Blackman 94

    The scene in Goldfinger where she and Connery were on the plane proved to me Connery was the best actor in the world. He looked her right in the eye and said Pussy, Pussy, Pussy with a totally straight face.
  13. Flesh Wound

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from Work at Home, Texas!