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  1. Revisiting this thread. I want to swap out the Harris on my Savage 110 LRH (Looter/Rioter Hammer) Looking at the Magpul again. Since this thread is 18 months old I'm looking to see if any recommendations have changed.
  2. Looking at those tools maketh me smile broadly.
  3. "With all of that said, everything on this website is made up. Do not rely on anything said here."
  4. Looks good. Cool little gun.
  5. Booyea. Here's my MPCNC: Lots left to do.
  6. Which machine did you buy? Looks like an Openbuilds machine. I'm in the process of building an MPCNC router.
  7. Dang. I'd be tempted to keep that.
  8. You weren't supposed to be out there in flight!
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