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  1. Considering I spent the last 8 years living in an apartment, yea, this is glorious!
  2. The NRA is killing themselves. Bidet won't have to do anything.
  3. Once secured to the bench I did the recommended gearbox/bearings break-in procedure. Once that was complete and while the gear oil was still warm I drained the gearbox and refilled with Mobil ISO 32 oil. Last task was to install the Quick Change Tool Post. (QCTP) I thought this was going to be a 20 minute job. The plan was to buy a 14mm tap, drill out/tap the center hole in the original T-Nut for the crap tool post that came with the lathe. Bzzzzt . Nope. That turned into a 3 hour job. Needed to make a new T-Nut. The "blank" nut that came with the QCTP was too short for the full width of the compound. All I had on hand was some T6061-T6 bar that just happened to be the width I needed. So we went from this: To this: Turned about 1/8" off the short end threads of the post for a perfect fit. I am now ready to make parts. All the setup is done.
  4. Well the machine is in place. Took more work than I expected. Here's the bench I built and some pics of the progress. More next post.
  5. If I were to have to re-power a machine today I'd go with a 3-phase motor and a VFD.
  6. I'm still interested in the Hornady AP. Once you've got some time on it I'd like to hear your impressions. Hopefully they will come off intergalactic backorder some day,. What are you loading with that 2200? I have two pounds sitting here. IIRC I bought it for 6MM SPC.
  7. Well I got up the energy to go actually work in the garage workshop and get my new lathe closer to ready for cutting. Managed to clean all the narsty shipping goo off the plain metal surfaces. Did the motor/spindle run break in. Changed the gearbox oil with Mobil 1 ISO 32 after all the break-in running. Made a mess doing so... Now my back is hurting too much so that's it for today. Tomorrow I hope to reinstall the rear metal shield and make the T-nut for mounting the quick change tool post. Once that's done it should be ready to make perfectly good metal stock into swarf.
  8. As mentioned I cleaned a bucket of 9mm caliber-ish brass a couple days ago. Since my hands and back are aching today and cannot work in the shop I decided to sort it all out. Once I got the different cartridges sorted into their respective buckets I set out to sort the 9x19 brass. Years ago when I started reloading pistol I sorted my 9mm brass by headstamp. At some point I narrowed my sorting down to setting Winchester aside and culling out nickel, junk and crimped brass. The rest of the mixed good brass went into a large container for mass reloading later. After sorting out everything else I have between 700-800 9x19 cases. I hand sorted these and ended up with just short of 100 WIN cases and 25 others that were rejects. I'm surprised how many are those horrible 2 piece cases. The funny thing is I don't use the Winchester brass. It just ends up getting more added to a giant pretzel bucket, I guestimate there's close to 5,000 cases in there. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm crazy.
  9. I don't understand the attraction. Being I live in Texas I drive past these Buc-ee's regularly. All I see is a gazzilion idiots swarming a giant store that just screams stay away. Ol' Remus' wise words come to mind. -- "Avoid crowds".
  10. There is no rationing here. Nobody has anything to sell.
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