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  1. Flesh Wound

    Just Because I Like the Trailer

    That's why I am not clicking.
  2. Flesh Wound

    Good not crazy priced FFP scope?

    Since the Black Friday sales will be spinning up soon I'm thinking about a new piece of glass to mount to the new 6.5CM upper I'm building for my PA-10. Whose got decent glass that is still within the ability of a working stiff to buy without leaving his wallet bleeding? I hear good things about some new line from Vortex. I also hear very good things about, I think, Athelon? Do tell.
  3. All of the parts have arrived for two builds I've had in the works. First is the 6.5 CM upper for my PA-10. Finally received the upper receiver and other parts to build this out. This has a PSA 20" stainless 6.5CM barrel/BCG set, 12" Keymod slimline handguard set etc. The only item I have yet to buy is a brake. I've already swapped out the ALG trigger from the PA-10 lower to a Rise RA-140 I've been sitting on since last year. That ALG trigger is going in the below build. Need to think hard about glass for this. Although I may rob the Nikon Buckmaster off the existing 308 upper. Or I may splurge for a decent FFP scope over the holiday sales. The other is the build for a new PSA "Space Force" lower I recently acquired. It's getting an A2 stock set, ALG trigger (pulled from the above mentioned PA-10) and Magpul's MOE grip. Otherwise a plain vanilla build. I have a couple of new uppers also recently acquired so this will have a 'mate'.
  4. Flesh Wound

    Just Because I Like the Trailer

    That's for a game?
  5. Flesh Wound

    Anybody ever order from Bob's Bullets?

    That consistency is impressive. Too bad I hate loading 223 so much.
  6. Flesh Wound

    Always amazed at what you can find to 3D print.

    And by popular demand here are some pics... That's my PA-10 lower with the tool.
  7. Flesh Wound

    Time to kick some butt

    Critter, war has been declared. Update your will.
  8. Flesh Wound

    Rear takedown pin threaded?

    I've also done this on a couple of lowers. Easy mod.
  9. Got 14 MRE meal heaters that need a new home. cleaning out the cave. $12.50 shipped.
  10. Flesh Wound

    Anybody ever order from Bob's Bullets?

    Dang. That's super amazing.
  11. Flesh Wound

    Another big fire

    And Gov. Moonbeam can be blamed for some of this. He vetoed a bill that had near 100% support from the entire legislature that would have allowed localities some say in how preventive measures against fire were managed.
  12. Flesh Wound

    Another big fire

    Back in 2011 there was a pretty big wildfire near where I worked in Oklahoma. From I-35 I could see the wall of flames walking across the land on my way to work. It was horrifying. Later in the week I drove down one of the north-south side roads and was absolutely floored by the destruction. I found this 33 minute dashcam video taken in Paradise. Heartbreaking and horrifying to see. The fickle nature of fire was also evident. Everything gone here except for like one house.... A couple of commercial buildings spared, everything else a pile of cinder.
  13. Ok, I see your are just trying to further confuse a confused old dingbat (er, me) Thanks mang. I though I was losing what's left of my branes.
  14. I'm very uncomfortable around funerals and services. We've lost a handful of our VFW & Auxiliary members this year. Good on ya Lon for showing up and never giving an inch to that fellow.