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  1. Sheesh. Everyone knows ghost guns are for killing ghosts. Just like elephant guns are for shooting elephants.
  2. I have a drawer full of the various styles, sizes and kinds of V-G pliers. All in good working order. Many are 40+ years old. Some have been horribly abused in the effort to Git-R-Dun. One pair even managed to get it's self welded to a mount on an old International COE truck's fuel tank mount in the process of an expedient fix so the rig could work the next morning. All but one pair in this drawer are genuine Peterson V-G. I have other pairs that live in my truck as well as my "hack room" etc. I may go buy a new Malco set in support of this awesome effort to revive the finest tool of it's kind in existence.
  3. That's awesome. I have a good collection of Vise-Grip pliers in my toolbox. Even some old enough to have been made by Peterson. When I was a kid helping my dad in his big truck shop when he said "Get me some vise-grips" I knew exactly which pair he wanted out of the dozen or so in the tool box. If I brought anything else I knew about it real-quick. He was also quick to share his negative opinion of any locking plier that was not Vise-Grip brand. "That's junk" And he was right. There's a part of me that misses being that 8 or 9 year old boy helping dad. What I would pay to go back.
  4. Kevin DeLeon in Commiefornia seems to have come up with the misnomer. No idea who the douche canoe in the video was.
  5. Q: What are you angry about today? A: (NPC) Whatever CNN tells me.
  6. One of the first things I ordered were both ER32 and ER25 R8 collet chucks for the mill. The 25 set is metric and was left over from the collet chuck I made for my little lathe. The 32 is Imperial.
  7. That's sweet Greg. I've been lusting for one of those in 44 SPL for years.
  8. Oh no kidding. Every piece of machinery I own was just the down payment on using it.
  9. I could have afforded the payment to buy new when I found this truck. But holy crap. There is no way I was paying close to $50K for a truck similar to the one I wrecked. $13,500 out the door for this one. Even though I did end up dropping $5K in front end work a few months later. The 2012 I bought (pictured above) was close to what I wanted. Price was good enough even for highish miles. Rather than pay cash and wipe out my savings at the time I opted to finance half the price for two years. GM does their automatic draft on the 4th of the month. Making today paid-off day. Thankfully working from home has kept the miles down. Drove just over 2,700 miles since May 22 of last year. I like this truck enough that at some time I will replace the engine/trans and keep on driving.
  10. That's good stuff. I wish I had the shop space for one. I've needed to saw some stuff more than a few times in the last year. You guys going woodwork amaze me at the incredible creations you make.
  11. Thankfully I don't fall into that trap. I'd still be driving my 2006 Silverado, bought new, if I had not totaled it 2 years ago.
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