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  1. I've been busy with my job and my pending wedding. Like a lot of us I also have a lot of ammo on-hand so not too much need to reload. I do need to work up some loads to replicate the good ammo I made for my 6.5CM since I cannot find the powder and bullets I used.
  2. Pretty hot here in Texas this week. While nothing like Greg's AO it was up to 102F here in DFW.
  3. Congrats Lady! I'm still struggling to get my world right so I can learn to fly LSA.
  4. Well crap. Missed this. Rest in peace Brother.
  5. I am alive. Super busy. Health issues. Recently engaged. Working like mad.
  6. For simple things you can use Carbide Create from the folks that make the Shapoko. https://carbide3d.com/carbidecreate/ They have a free version that works reasonably well. I've been playing with it on a tiny desktop router. Another free thing for makers/hobbyists is Fusion 360. There is integrated CAM included. It's got a fairly steep learning curve but is very powerful and feature rich. https://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/overview I have yet to evaluate V-Carve and other packages.
  7. I've recently finished watching a German TV series called "Space Time". One of the subjects they touched on was how the Blue Origin and whatever the other recent launch are not really going into space. They talked a lot about "Space Tourism". If any of you are interested the playlist is here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-5sURDcN_ZkPXvLHMgfuVNUL18W03Eup
  8. I've been considering that. But time is the more precious of things these days.
  9. Saw this photo today. Was wondering who makes this? I don't recall ever seeing one like this.
  10. Perhaps a little clarity here on this subject. http://twelveround.com/blog/more-than-slogans TL's blog is, in my opinion, worth subscribing to.
  11. Durham will go nowhere. He can probe all he wants. When it comes time to apply for indictments and then prosecute the AG will refuse to proceed. You don't think for even a millisecond Leviathan is going to allow their team to get prosecuted do ya?
  12. I've already ordered an ACH helmet and mounts for my PVS-14. Thanks.
  13. Seems both Midway and Brownell's had primers as of this morning. Pricy at ~$90/1K. I personally have not seen primers in my local shops since March/April of 2020.
  14. I buy my used digital calipers from these guys: https://shop.idealprec.com/ Last time I bought two used Mitutoyo 6" digitals for $45 each plus shipping. Their web page sucks but they are super helpful if you call and tell them what you are looking for.
  15. Looking at helmet mounts for a PVS-14. I have a new old stock PASGT helmet. The question I have is: How well do the "strap on" NODS mounts work and stay put? (like this kit)
  16. "Rapefugees". Coming to a neighborhood near you. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/09/23/afghan-evacuees-fort-mccoy-face-charges-of-domestic-violence-sex-minors.html
  17. Noor's conviction on Murder 3 was vacated. However the manslaughter conviction was up-held.
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