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  1. Colts price increased 20% since the announcement. 6920s are oos at all the big online shops. Colt is the better investment, and has been for years
  2. It is nicer than the regular m4 style stock fo sho
  3. I thought this takes a proprietary buffer? Am considering a used one takeoff from supposedly a lwrc I am interested in it for one of my 6920s Thanks
  4. Hey I ain't been here in a minute
  5. For 1/3 the ost of the giesselle i can live with a little grit.Thanks
  6. do you have the act or qms? Im liking that price.and no, despite all the houston area arfcommers, i am friendless in the gun community
  7. To improve my 6920. Many hype on the geissele but damn, $240 is 1/3 the price of another (stripped) 6920! What else should i look at? (I have a mangled trigger finger and my 6920 trigger sux for me. In comparison my wasr was no problem for 200 rounds)
  8. this is a nato aug. I wanted to share mags with my 6920's
  9. Well the damn thing came with a windowed pmag idk what to think
  10. Last week i got a wild hair and ordered a nato version from pjs. I knew some mags could cause internal wear, "specifically certain magazines may cause the bolt catch to contact the bolt carrier during firing, leading to damage / premature wear. Similar problems have been reported with certain magazines and the SCAR as well as the Tavor." Then pete himself added in that thread that colt 30's work in his natos w/o issue. What should i do? 1.remove my bolt catch. This part is unnecessary, if i am understanding this gun, as it has no bolt release anyway? 2. Buy a bunch usgi mags? (Assuming if the colts are gtg then all other usgi mags are as well. Least appealing solution, as i have 40+ pmags and need monies for optics 3. Shoot it and look for wear Thanks
  11. Best deal going on mags. Hungarians. Have 2 coming for $32 shipped. got one in last week looks barely used https://www.desertfoxsales.com/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=DFS-122H
  12. but i got tired of his attitude. Now i gotta deal with the feces throwing URL=http://s246.photobucket.com/user/uzimon/media/animal/Monkey_Grab.jpg.html][/url]k
  13. Latinos will camp for hours. Me, i'll get it to go and eat on the way home
  14. 40 pmags can be had for under $20 shipped right now. Get at least a few of them
  15. Not mine They just come to visit
  16. When i got the email from the company most everybody hates, brotach, that they had this for just $12 i had to have it. Got tracking same day too. Hand cycled fine. Looking fwd to range trip. Kitteh approved only had one other 20 so wth
  17. Yeah ill keep it if i cant get 9.Time to exercise the liver again
  18. Has a couple light scuffs on the reciever.. not into the metal. Has aftermarket nordic *ext. Hard case. I might be able to find the stock mag tube and spring. Selling to fund a bullpup. No trades. Meet in Tomball Tx. zip 77375. Price is firm. This aint a fire sale
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