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  1. Yeah it looks like that might be the route I end up taking, though I am going to give the bobbed hammer a shot first (might as well). Next step is to actually find one for sale. There's one on gunbroker right now, but it's over $1000 and hasn't met reserve yet -- not sure what the owner is expecting out of it (though I do get that it ought to demand a premium due to demand, scarcity and condition). These things are flipping addicting, and yet I love them.
  2. I currently have a S&W 1006, and it is, by far, my favorite firearm. I have been looking to acquire a 1066 as well, and have once again begun the desperate search for the elusive 3rd gen 10mm Smiths. I've noticed that, in quite a few pictures of them around the 'net, they seem to have bobbed hammers. I've only come across a few instances where the hammer resembled my 1006. Is that how they were produced, and is that the only variation? I ask because I'm really not a fan of bobbed hammers, but at the same time I am mildly infatuated with the idea of a smaller version of my 1006. Thanks in advance, and that is all.
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