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  1. Vee_Kay

    need some help choosing a trigger

    Just installed an Elftmann trigger. mine is curved, but, they do make a straight trigger. Love it!
  2. Vee_Kay

    Sig 40 cal 226 and 229 Mags

    If you need more, check out midsouth shooters supply. Prices are the best I've seen for both 226 and 229.
  3. Vee_Kay

    10mm Primer ?

    As I remember The load for AA#9 uses the magnum primer. This was my buddies powder of choice. He also had a tendency to be, lets say, frugal. He would load them with the Large Pistol not the large Large Pistol Magnum. The velocities would not hit the levels in the book, which was why he liked the AA#9. The velocities in the book showed higher velocity than the Blue Dot, but without the magnum primer it couldn't beat the hot loads of Blue dot, that we chronied.
  4. Vee_Kay

    Picked up some PMags.......

    Just got some P mags online through Botachtactical. Had a 6mag package for $89.95. Limit one 6pak per customer. The Pmags are shaking loose. Hope mine weren't made in Colorado. Did anyone find out where Magpul has relocated. It can't be easy to pick up and move your whole business because your state has outlawed your product. Gotta respect those guys!
  5. Vee_Kay

    Magpul leaving Colorado

    Thanks for the update. I'd been looking all over the media to see anything on this since Hickenlooper signed it. Funny how the media isn't pointing out the MagPul move. Kudos to MagPul. I have an order for their products in the pipeline already. Hope it doesn't effect the production too much, but I am very happy they are honoring their stand. Had they not, the orders would be cancelled regardless of restocking fees.
  6. Vee_Kay

    Colorado Shooter

    Check out the link: http://www.powerlinenewsnetwork.com/?p=16998 What do you think?
  7. Vee_Kay

    Important info

    Check out this link! http://www.powerlinenewsnetwork.com/?p=16998