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    In the sticks, oglala. SD

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    Like shooting guns all around, from slingshots to bb guns, all the way up the ladder to firearms, even explosives if I got the chance. <br /><br />I like tactical gear, Just the basics of what I THINK i might need, I try not to overkill it, but I don't judge anyone, hey what ever floats your boat. <br /><br />I like the idea of reloading as well, hey if it saves me some money, its worth it to me, plus I like the idea of a Master mind in his shack, making top notch match bullets that are devastating....well maybe not like that but you get the idea.

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  1. Jay_No.556

    descions descions

    I feel ya, I didnt want to spend a whole lot, SO i went with a Vortex SPARC red dot. It was better then nothing at the time, and It was actually a pretty good red dot. Later i Bought an Aimpoint m4 comp. But for the Weekend warrior, You cant go wrong with Aimpoint.
  2. Jay_No.556

    trailer trash or tacticool

    Awesome use, I was thinking of just leaving it plain jane, that way no one would know its some sort of safe with a lock on it. But if little kiddos are around and all make that no an option.