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  1. dwillimon

    Black Hole Weaponry Barrel Lasering

    I can't do it all at once so I took the eat an elephant approach. My fathers AR weighs a ton,so I kept mine light. he picked mine up the other day after I put it together and offered me 3 for it right off the bat. Its not for sale....but his barrel just got ordered today and Ive started ordering other parts for his clone. He's smitten. The carbon fiber helps allot and the company I get mine through cuts me a break so pm if your interested, they run about a third of most, as well as just running a standard profile. I ordered him the barrel I wanted but couldnt afford. Ill post pics when it gets here....now that i know how to do so. Thanks again for the help. I seriously doubt you have trouble getting them to stay on paper.
  2. dwillimon

    Lets see those 264LBC /6.5

    I am 2 years late to the party but heres my build.
  3. dwillimon

    Black Hole Weaponry Barrel Lasering

    Here's the other side. I cannot stress how happy I am with my barrel choice, all of my other bells and whistles would be moot if it had a junk tube.
  4. dwillimon

    Black Hole Weaponry Barrel Lasering

    oh those things? i think they are for reaching out and touching something like ma bell suggests.... but i dont get roaming charges with it.
  5. dwillimon

    Black Hole Weaponry Barrel Lasering

    Thank you! Yes that is my baby. Honestly that group was all equipment and luck. I had not shot in a month of sundays......did you notice theres not charging handle?
  6. dwillimon

    Black Hole Weaponry Barrel Lasering

    Visit My Website
  7. dwillimon

    Black Hole Weaponry Barrel Lasering

    Just ordered another barrel and once again the support staff there is awesome. My 6.5 came out wonderful, shoots amazing, looks amazing. Was just sighting it in and got it on paper had my scope turned down, shot didn't see the hit shot again and again.... didn't see it so I zoomed in and saw that I was shooting the same hole....not even broke in yet using factory ammo half inch groups. I'm so pleased.
  8. dwillimon

    Black Hole Weaponry Barrel Lasering

    Just ordered my barrel today! It was in stock and should be here in the next week or two! Morgan was a sweet heart and she deserves a medal for putting up with fickle attitude lol
  9. dwillimon

    The Armageddon Rifle by TA and BHW

    I like how it's non reciprocal. It causes too much stress on handle and components when they do, then snap. Thus is something I'll have too look into for my next build, I already ordered my asa side charger.
  10. dwillimon

    Black Hole Weaponry Barrel Lasering

    I personally feel that when this much goes into a firearm both monetarily and personally, it should be built by an individual for the individual.
  11. dwillimon

    Black Hole Weaponry Barrel Lasering

    Yes there are lol. There's only really one guy around here that puts black rifles out as his own, and don't get me wrong he builds a good gun, my father bought one and it's a piece of work, great even. But after delving into research I've discovered that it's relatively easy for one to do and if your mechanically inclined. The one thing I'm going to do better than him is customer service. I sold my dad on his product for close to 3 grand for his 50th, yeah I made the sale lol. Then when we began talking my gun he told me what I wanted was stupid and wouldn't work. So he gets none of my money and I get my rifle the way I want it. He thinks the 6.5 is "trash". So if he's going to be my only local competition, I should do alright. He's getting a rep for a good rifle and a bad personality, imho that's not the way to do business.
  12. dwillimon

    Black Hole Weaponry Barrel Lasering

    Thanks, I'll check it out! I'm not going to go overboard with it. I think I'll be doing maybe something with the barrel and maybe on the dust cover, keep her classy. Trying to get a small business going in this corner of Oklahoma. Needing to get a few more ducks in a row.
  13. dwillimon

    Black Hole Weaponry Barrel Lasering

    Stupid phone posted it twice. My bad.
  14. dwillimon

    Black Hole Weaponry Barrel Lasering

    Thanks I'm still tossing around ideas, but I'm building what I think is going to be a very classy lady,prs stock, moe foregrip, gt2 grip pod, 20" bhw or 22" threaded for flash and can, all kinds of goodies in the spikes lower, ergo with shelf too. So like with any woman she's going to need a little bling to accent the dress, the engraving should do the trick.
  15. dwillimon

    Please recommend a reloading book for a newb

    Thanks for the info.