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  1. I normally find AR-15s to be around a grand or more, however this one I'm thinking about purchasing costs only $749 at Bud's Gunshop. Is there something significant missing from this rifle for it to be such a low cost compared to other similar rifles that go for $1k+? Is it because CORE15 rifles are undesirable? http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product...uot;%2030+1%20/
  2. Thanks for your input, looks like the classic Lee Loader will do the job. Eventually I'm placing these in small display cases to use as 'thank you' gifts for people who helped donate for a project I'm working on. I might add black sand to imitate the gunpowder now that you mentioned it. Hopefully its not too expensive.
  3. My primary goal is to cut 200 rounds of .223 in half lengthwise without the gunpowder. I assume purchasing the bullet and unprimed brass is the cheapest way to do this. Is it possible to assemble the bullet and brass without having to purchase a reloader press?
  4. Definitely not a functioning one for sure.
  5. Sorry I was thinking more along the line of newer guns because I don't have access to the old guns
  6. Hypothetically speaking, if you wanted to hang a rifle on the wall as a display, what rifle would you guys choose?
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