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  1. I run a 16" carbine length barrel with an ST-T2 heavy tungsten buffer. I use a full auto NiB BCG and run rounds as fast as I can with a geiselle SD-3 gun trigger in it. Have yet to have any FTF's in rain,snow,dust,dirt, and no cleanings. I still dont see the point of "doing something here, only to counter that action here" haha
  2. I built one for around $1800. Just make sure all parts are compatible like ''DPMS compatible" parts are what I used
  3. Using a BHW 16inch 1:8 twist carbine length gas barrel. The ammo I was using is Federal 5.56 M855 green tip. I was using Federal 5.56 FMJ's the first time they started to tumble
  4. Will do. I'm going to try that in the next week or so. The history of this AR? I built it, and it's had about 3000 rounds thru it
  5. So, I haven't shot this AR in a long time, I faintly remember seeing one or 2 rounds on the paper completely sideways at 50 yards but that was probably 5 months ago. About a month and a half ago I shot it again and EVERY round was tumbling at 25 yards. I stopped shooting after one mag, and promptly put it back in the safe. I just brought it up to a buddies cabin 2 weeks ago and sure enough 3 mags, all rounds were tumbling. Perfect imprints of a sideways bullet. For whatever reason I never cared to look down the barrel until now. It seems as though more than half of the rifling is gone?? anyone have this issue?
  6. Cant go wrong with BCM Gunfighter. I have MOD 3 and I run it all day no problems and contrary to its larger release Ive never had it snag on anything! Well worth the money
  7. Hey it looks cool though, isnt that what matters?
  8. Sweet. what about an adapter for the end cap? I cant seem to find anything that might work beside swapping it out
  9. I have a new Charles Daly semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun. I will be using it for duck and goose hunting this coming season. I know what some of you are thinking that this is a poor mans gun, I would agree but I have shot rounds flawlessly thru her in -15F, raining, and rapid fire. I would like to put a sling on it. There is already a hole in the end cap and a small pilot divot in the stock for mounting a swivel. Anyone have any experience or opinions? thank you!
  10. So many guns, so little money

  11. Does anyone have any experience with one? Someone I know is trying to get rid of one to buy a snowmobile. Has an SG kit, a holographic sight, 100 rounds of 7.62x39 ammunition, and 1or 2 30 round mags. I've always wanted an sks so when I found out about this I got butterflies haha just kidding. Its in fairly new condition. What do you guys think??
  12. My liberty has 9 bolts and they only go up from there..
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