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  1. I'm in Tucson, been here since '69, back then Marana was just a bunch of pig farms, Marana is Sow in Spanish, I work on call so never know when I'm working, if there are any questions I'll try and answer them best I can.
  2. Guilty as charged!! Met her in my math class in '75, got together graduation night in '77, married her in '80, still married.
  3. What he said, I've seen it at the range, take the upper off and turn it upside down, use a long rod against the bolt and tap it back out.
  4. It's about the same around here, latelly I've been seeing a lot of seller ads for .22, I think these guys are starting to see the ammo come back at the stores and are starting to panic that they'll get stuck with something they bought high thinking they'd sell higher and it's backfiring on them.
  5. I may be wrong but I believe he also said "If things continue as they are with todays teenagers the future of humanity is doomed" or something to that effect.
  6. Nah!, it's a quiet neighborhood with older folk that seem to like their privacy, I'll wave when I see them and they wave back but that's as far as it goes.
  7. I've been here for 10 yrs, when we moved in not a single neighbor came by, after all this time I only know two and that's because I went over when they were out and chatted with them, the others are only out when they're leaving the house or coming back, they don't seem friendly.
  8. tunnug

    Stupid cat!

    Coyotes do a great job on cats, when I first moved here there were cats running around in all the alleys all the time, then I started hearing coyotes in the evening, saw one standing in the corner one morning when I came in from work at 3 am, I hardly see any cats anymore.
  9. That's correct, no one was forced to buy anything, don't like the price? don't buy it, that simple. No, I was not one of the sellers of anything, I just understand that things are only worth what someone is willing to pay.
  10. I've been a conductor now for 6 yrs, I can't count the number of close calls I've had, makes your heart jump and it takes some time to get back to normal, I'm not looking forward to when it eventually will happen, my engineer has 10 yrs and 4 kills, 3 of them suicides, his advice is to look away because they'll haunt you for a while, there's some co-workers with less time than me and already several deaths. I wish people would think of the crew when they commit suicide and what it does to them. Whenever people stand in the middle of the tracks to do stupid things like take pictures of the train coming at them (or play chicken) don't seem to understand that a train coming at you at 50-60 MPH will be on you before you realize it and by then it's too late.
  11. Quoted for Truth. My daughter was 12 going on 21, those years were hellish, she's 27 now with an adorable 3 yr old boy, we're waiting for the granddaughter and the mothers curse, for those that don't know it "Someday you'll have a kid just like you were"
  12. I'm sure I have an accent although I can't tell, I was born and raised in Mexico up until I was 10yrs old, didn't know any English until then, I know people that have a strong Mexican accent without knowing a lick of Spanish, that's just the way they learned to talk I guess. Funny story, I was working at a local Ace when some snowbird walked in and asked me if we had "Whiskers", I rubbed my chin and said "not really", he repeated "you're a hardware store and you don't have whiskers???" I looked at a co-worker with a puzzled look and said "Whiskers??" he just shrugged at me with grin and it hit me right then that he was looking for Wood Screws, every winter we get a mess of people escaping the snow from back east and the Midwest so we get all kinds of accents.
  13. I was reading this on the main news webpage and typical of the left leaning favoritism they said "Kelly stepped in to try and save the seal" when it was obvious that the seal was allready dead and some time had passed before he steps in, I wonder what they would have said if it had been someone not in step with the left.
  14. I played the trumpet for a few years back in high school, nowadays all I can play is a mean triangle and a so-so cowbell. You shouldn't make fun of the ukelele----http://www.ukulelejames.com/videos.htm if that doesn't work then this-- http://www.wimp.com/jeanukulele/
  15. It's not a railroad flag (Semaphore), it is too small, they needed to be seen from far away so they're usually up to 3 ft long and fairly wide. when you swivel it do all the holes line up with the two single ones at some point? maybe put some kind of bolt/lock to keep it in place?
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