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  1. ARFLY

    Ban era Bushmaster

    I have owned 2 Windhams. The first one was from the first few months the company was up and running. It was great. I never had an issue with that one. The second one did not cycle out of the box. There was some excess metal burrs in it that should have been cleaned up before leaving the factory. I could have sent it back for warranty but I just fixed it myself. It never was really accurate. The first one seemed as good as the old Bushmasters. The second one did not. I don't think I will get another Windham.
  2. ARFLY

    1100 Tac 4

    I just got my 1100 Tac 4 out of layaway today. I am going to add a Dave's Metal Works speed loader to it, a Vang Comp safety and a better follower and spring. I have owned a lot of 1100/11-87's, but this is the first Tac 4 I have owned. This is going to be fun.
  3. ARFLY

    PSA Stomps Dick's.

    I have always like doing business with PSA, even more so now. Thanks for posting that.
  4. ARFLY

    Ban era Bushmaster

    I read through that thread a few days ago. I didn't realize that was the gun you mentioned.
  5. ARFLY

    Ban era Bushmaster

    I didn't know Bushmaster had government contracts. Any pictures of the Travis Haley project?
  6. For some reason I am into these guns. I guess it is because the first AR I shot was a ban era Bushmaster rifle with 20" H Bar barrel. A friend of mine shot competitively in the army. He had a 150 yd. range at his house and had that Bushmaster rifle he used to practice with. He invited me to come over and shoot it several years ago. It was amazing. I see these guns now as kind of a piece of American history and black rifle history. Is anyone else into collecting and shooting these guns, or am I a bit of an oddity?
  7. ARFLY

    Gun control cliche's

    Large caliber 223 High powered 223 Cop killer bullets Armor piercing bullets
  8. ARFLY

    Weapons ban introduced....150+ guns

    In the text posted by Gmountain it says folding, telescoping or detachable stock. It also says a forward grip. Hopefully this has zero chance of actually passing.
  9. ARFLY

    Weapons ban introduced....150+ guns

    With the exception of the Benelli Vinci, don't all semi automatic shotguns have by definition a detachable stock? I know the stock comes off my Remington 1100. I have also taken the stock off of my Grandpa's Browning A5.
  10. ARFLY

    I am retiring in November of this year

    Congratulations on your decision to retire. I have a ways to go myself.
  11. ARFLY

    Good Morning!

    Good morning.
  12. ARFLY

    "The American Dream"

    So many of the wrestlers I watched when I was a kid are now gone. RIP
  13. ARFLY

    Found a new gun today

    I have checked out the Harris and Atlas bipods. I will probably be going with the Harris. It is less than half the price of the Atlas and should work fine for my needs.
  14. I found a new to me gun today. I stopped by a friends gun shop today and he had a Remington 700 AAC-SD in .308. I tried trading some scopes I have for it, but we couldn't come together on that deal, so I put it in lay-a-way. It doesn't appear to have been shot much, but then it is only 2 years old. It has a nice aftermarket stock with a Decelerator pad on it, either a HS Precision or Bell and Carlson. I am not sure which it is right now. I think it also has an aftermarket trigger, but won't know what it is until I get it apart. It has a cheap Truglow scope on it. I'll get a better scope on it at some point. I have had several BDL's and they have shot good, so I am hoping this gun will shoot just as good. Is it worth putting a compensator or suppressor on it? What would be a good bi-pod to get for it?
  15. ARFLY

    An oldie but a goodie

    That is pretty cool