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  1. "....Bloomberg, 72, said 95 percent of murders fall into a specific category: a male minority between the ages of 15 and 25, The Aspen Times reported." Ouch, these could all be Obummer's sons. Gotta wonder if Sharpton & friends will respond to this racism with some Riots or such in Everytown.
  2. We would be so much better off if the "Liberal-Progressive-Leftists" (aka Socialists) would stop labeling people and renewing the 'racist agenda' in order to further its anti-American goals. The recent riots were no different than the Detroit race riots of the 60s, which I watched as a teenager. These riots are always the result of political manipulation, inciters and the MEDIA forcing "non-events" into the National view. I'm glad I am now retired from LE. The same old cycle just keeps repeating itself with every elected racist President, Gov, Mayor, etc. Eight years ago, race was nearly a forgotten term, but then.......
  3. When did Islam go from an oppressive government mandate to a legitimate Religion??
  4. I saw it here: http://www.glockforum.com/forum/f8/glock-21r-what-ur-thoughts-3485/ ,but doubt I'll ever own one. It is BUTT-UGLY ...... IMHO.
  5. Gone now, but price seems average in most areas. I got one in .40 last year for $400. out the door from a private owner who never shot it. 19 oz and only 0.95 inches thick, love it. Firearm prices are falling fast.
  6. WOW! Talk about having your basic civil rights "infringed". No wonder it was on the shelf. I'd hate to need to drive to a 'Free State' just to buy my ammo. I recent paid over $400. (delivered) for 1k rounds of PMC 55gr FMJ ....... S Korean stuff, but good enough for the range. I won't touch my good stuff, but the range-grade in all my calibers is getting a bit costly. CT, CA, NY, IL, etc., need some serious changes to their Reps this November.
  7. I remember seeing a 2ga "goose-cannon" many years ago. The old 2 gauge and 1 gauge guns were more appropriately referred to as 'cannons' than shotguns. The 2 gauge could have used a 1/2 pound ball or smaller shot in more quantity; maybe 2 pounds of shot at a time. They were Huge & used foe commercial goose hunting & could whack 50 geese while sitting on a lake. They were fired from a stationary mount called a "punt" since they were too heavy to hold & were called "punt-guns". Cool cannon with ~50 grams of powder & 2lbs of shot. Saw a pic of a bunch of 1 & 1.5 gauges aimed at a line of brits during the Civil War... prob had a bunch of little 1/4 pound balls of shot in 'em, mixed with nails, pieces of piano wire & prob rocks in them too.
  8. I'm lucky to win the 3rd place door prize.... pack of targets, can of CLP, etc. Its a MKIII, blast it with powder solvent every 1k rounds, hour later, blast it with CLP or your favorite spray lube. Take it down e/ decade or so. The 22/45 was designed to keep you in shape for your 1911 w grip angle, safety, etc., so says Ruger.
  9. popeye

    Free Ammo

    Federal AE is decent 'range-grade' ammo. About the same as WWB. The State used to give it to us for carbine qualifications for years, until the AG made us use our Rem JHP duty-ammo for quals (CYA for liability). I never noticed any differance between the two.
  10. Huge Congrats on your new Colt 1911 Combat Elite. Why settle for a clone? (our best snob phrase) LOL My Colt Defender .45acp is my ultimate carry. No grip rattles or fit problems. Got mine in 2011 so I got the 100 year Rollmark on the slide. 3 in bbl is ridiculous accurate & only 22 ozs + less than an inch thick. Perfection! Only about 3k rounds through it, (all Hornady) it is a sweet, comfortable carry.
  11. It is past time to disband the criminal agencies such as the ATF, EPA, DHS, BLM along with numerous other federal agencies. They should also be disallowed to be arrmed at any time while 'on-duty'. They can call the state they are in for discretionary armed enforcement, if needed. No badges for feds, just suits and shiny shoes for investigations. ALL Firearm laws Infringing on U.S. Citizens Immediately Negated. Obvious Impeachment Proceedings w Numerous Treason Charges. It should be enacted in a hurry, before 'The Cliven Bundy Ranch' in NV becomes the next Waco or Ruby Ridge, or worse. ALL nationally owned land, outside of D.C. needs to be returned to the states they are located in. Military Bases can function on State land. The 'Socialist U.N. Building' needs to be sold as low income housing with the Free Republic of the U.S.A. disassociating itself from the National Security Threat. Any individual over-stepping their 1st amendment rights with speech against the U.S. Constitution should be swiftly charged with Treason and Tried accordingly with severe consequences pending a guilty verdict. This would be a small start with the addressing of 'Corruption' of any elected official, Anti-American Media, ALL Illegal Persons Criminally Charged as 'Enemy Invaders', Non-Citizen Voters Prosecuted, Secure Borders, Congressional Reps subject to All Laws and such matters soon following. Corporations like GM, Chrysler, et al, returned to Public Ownership. We have a LOOONG way to go.
  12. For the small things like rails, single-point sling adaptors, slings, stc., etc., there is no reason to pay high dollar, while working on your carbine. I get a lot of this stuff from Amazon.com for chump change and have found most all of it to be great quality. This will leave you funds to put towards the important improvements. They sell some good basic tools and some high quality parts like the lower spring kits (wasn't optional for me over the years), vertical grip w storage, etc. A good place to see whats available, even if you buy it somewhere else. I go w name brands like MOE when possible, but I suspect they sell a lot of unbranded OEM. Light & laser mounts are well-priced quality. Decent return policy, too. Just type in AR accessories in the site's search box.
  13. http://politix.topix.com/story/11423-gun-owners-youre-winning-here-are-3-big-victories-for-open-carry-this-week Check-out the 'New' Gun Rights Map at the bottom, too.
  14. Here is an article + EASY contacts towards CC in TN. Constitutional Carry in Tennessee?http://www.examiner.com/article/constitutional-carry-possible-tennessee?cid=rss It seems clear TN needs to toss 7 Anti-American Reps in a hurry. I don't live in TN, but I still emailed every Rep listed towards getting "Constitutional Carry" in TN, Gov said he'd sign it if Y'all can get it thru the House.
  15. +1 Also, I've known men who have been whacked for 90%+ of their net income for child support. We had a 'cop-hating' judge in the county. Some got hit with 110% of their income, .... fell behind (of course).... judge tossed 'em in jail until it was 'up-to-date'.... which couldn't happen. There was no way to fight it & cops lost their job & the kids & ex got nothing. The standard was 25% of net income for 1st child + 10% for each additional child + all healthcare + tuition for college until 25 years old. I believe support should be 50/50 for parents with joint custody. It takes two.
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