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  1. No clue, but a quick google led me to this linky. Specifically the 'at the bench part' near the end. Interested to see what members have to say from experience
  2. Yeah, dealxtreme isn't a 'store' or even a vendor. Stuff will be dropshipped from a warehouse in china, to your house. Never deal with or trust them....things 'in stock' might not be as they have no way of knowing until after they order and it says backordered....
  3. Looking at getting my first firearm within the next year or so hopefully. Really want to get an AR15, fully assembled for my first. I don't about tac looks and whatnot, I want a rifle that will shoot wayyy better than I can. (relatively inexperienced marksman :( ) Anyway, looking at brands, shopping around. Some sites are really hard to figure out what is what (spikes for example). Can't find full ARs on spikes or DD? M4 is not the same as AR right? I was under the impressions that the internals were different. But, I was looking at the LaRue 18" PredatAR. Any opinions? Mostly would be shooting from a rest I'm thinking. Also, what level of magnification on optics are near the max 5.56 AR can accurately group (not matched barrel etc)? Is 300-500 yards the typical max distance to be on paper without specialized builds?
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