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  1. Just have two so far. One for that I use for my CCW & the other for home defense/hunting. S&W 1066 & Olympic Arms 10mm upper on a Cavalry Arms lower using M3 Grease mags. I'm debating on making the Olympic a sbr, maybe 10".
  2. Well since this 1066 will be my main ccw from now on, I'll have to look into a 10mm with a 6" barrel for hunting. If only S&W came out with one in their M&P line. To me that would be the perfect 10mm package. Till then I'm thinking on sending this gun over to S&W's performance center to have it worked over a bit. I don't really know whats been done to the gun so far or even if it has stiffer springs or not. Seems tougher to work the slide than the 1911 I traded it for.
  3. Just picked up the gun tonight & took a few shots off in the backyard. It feels lighter than the 1911 that i was carying & it just seems to just point where I want it to. One thing that suprised me is the low amount of recoil. Now I just have to find a decent ccw holster. Only downside is the huge flame when shooting with my reloads. I'm currently shooting 10.3gr of Bluedot w-180gr Hornady HAP. I'll have to look into some faster powder to cut down on the flash. Overall I'm very happy. I'll have to take a few pictures & show it off later.
  4. Springs would be my first thing on order since its such an old gun. Do you know of any areas I should look for signs of premature wear?
  5. Hi everyone, I've got a chance to trade my Para Ordnance SSP LDA 45 in stainless for a 1066 w-1 mag & no box. I've tried to do as much searching on the 1066 but wanted to post this for some relavent info for my trade. From what I can tell these guns can handle strong reloads & there were around 3 thousand produced from 1990-92. I haven't kept up with gun prices since the gun craze started, so I'm not sure on what my gun is worth compared to the 1066. I still have the box, lock & cassing since I'm the orignial owner. I've been wanting a 10mm for sometime to match up with my AR15, I also reload for them. I make my reloads pretty hot so I need a pistol that can handle them. What do you guys think?
  6. Tikker

    Olympic Arms K10 10mm Questions???

    I own the flat top 10mm upper & paired it up with Cavalry Arms MKII lower. I can't comment on Olympic Arms magazines as I use grease gun mags with the feed lips narrowed to accept 10mm. I've only shot a handfull of reloads out of it so far, but the time I had with it I like it very much. I plan on taking it deer hunting this year if I can get it sighted in. Seems to bump fire real easy with my set up if I slowly pull the trigger rather than tug it back. Got a big smile when that first happened. Now I just need a pistol to pair up with it. I checked out Glocks & can't stand the grip angle. Only option for me is to save up even more and go 1911. Since your already into 10mm this AR is a nice option for you. Oh yeah, Olympic Arms has a lower they sell that accepts Glock 20 magazines so if you shoot 10mm out of a Glock that would be the perfect pairing for you.
  7. Tikker

    Para Ordnance LONGHUNTER

    That gun does look nice, but I bet its more of a play thing for the guys at Para Ordnance. All the upgrade's will come at a high cost for the 10mm fans. Why not just offer a basice 1911 10mm at a reasonable cost? I may end up going Glock if nothing comes up that can handle full power loads.
  8. Tikker

    REM 700 ACTION

    I agree on that. I can understand where some people have a need for accuracy where its needed in competition, where getting bullets in the x ring at 1000yds could mean a victory or loss. But for the majority of rifleman out there a non-blue printed action is not the weak link in accuracy. Factors like ammo(factory or handloads), scope, shooting skill, and ability to judge wind should be looked at before throwing money away. Depending on the OP's use for his gun, hunting/target or full target rifle will justify it or not. I personally own a 700 ADL and wouldn't think to throw money into it since its used for hunting & shoots fine with factory loads. Buying a target/police version new would be more cost effective & still shoot out there just fine.
  9. Tikker

    REM 700 ACTION

    Doesn't really seem worth it if thats the cost. Better off buying a gun from the factory that doesn't need the gunsmith to fix a $300-400 gun for $1000 or more. What is the gun used for?
  10. I was hesitant about going with a shorter cartridge in it, but i've read that many people use the long actions for even 223 projects. There is even parts to convert them over to short detchable magazines. I had really wanted the 6x45 so going with the .308 doesn't seem like such a stretch in the this action lenght. For the cost of short action rifles i''d have to spend $100 extra for a used short action. The deal I got on this gun makes up for it.
  11. Just an update on how things went. I just bought a Savage Hog barrel in .308, 20" w-iron sights. Says its a new take off from a project. Can't wait to get it in my hands it.
  12. Tikker

    Picking between the calipers

    I'm with them, I try my best to only buy American when i can. As for tools I stick with Craftsman, but even they have a cheaper wrench set from overseas now. Its disgusting. It sure hurts to vote with your wallet these days. The one i'm going with is $157.99 while the one they make in China is $114.99. I'm suprised the one made in China is so high compared to the others that are imported from there. I suppose its because they brand it with the Starrett name & people think quality American product. I had just found out after starting this thread, that Starrett has stopped using a metal housing for the dial and has gone with plastic to save on money. With their prices who saves on it, them or the customer? I only wish for the price I'm paying that it would have some sort of limited lifetime warrenty on the one made here. Now I'm starting to wonder if that plastic part is made here or oversea's.
  13. Tikker

    Picking between the calipers

    Just an update, I had purchased the Starrett 1202-6 caliper and it arived yesterday. To my suprise it was made in China. Apparently the only one they make in the US is the model 120A-6. I didn't even open it up, its going back Monday for a credit to buy the other model. Just thought i'd post this if someone else plans to purchase one based on where it was made.
  14. Well, I decided to keep it & took the plunge so I bought brass, bullets, and 10mm dies. Gonna start loading some rounds up as soon as I get my loading bench set up.
  15. Do you load your own 10mm? Also what gr. bullets have you shown to shoot the best? I've thought about picking up some brass & bullets for it. I have Blue Dot for the powder. I've always liked the idea of having this as a home defense gun. Nice gun btw, i'm liking the handguard. If your picking up the 45acp version, look into Cavalry Arms MKII lower. They accept the grease mags when you get the adapter from Brownell's & weight almost nothing. I had painted up the hand gaurd to match the lower.