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  1. bluealtered

    .30 Cal Muzzle Device

    Take a look at the shrewd brakes at browells, i use them on two of my ar's, (5.56 and .308). They work well and won't break the bank. blue
  2. bluealtered

    If you had to choose

    The cmmg model #38A20FB with the 18" barrel out of the box without pmag is 7 lbs 10 ozs. If you read the info on it on their website you'll see it is compatible with the r25 and dpms and other some ar-308 type rifles. I got mine because i didn't want the months long wait for the dpms lite hunter in .260, i had planned on swapping out the barrel to a .260 but after running a couple hundred rounds through it i think i will leave it as it is. Having said this i should also point out that some of the early mk3's rifles had oversize gas ports and mine was one of them. It would fte on the 20th rd and jam it in sideways above the new rd. I emailed cmmg and they sent a label that morning and now it has a new barrel with correct gas port and could have become a 16" if thats what i wanted. I left it an 18" but did let them put an A2 stock and parts on since the M4 stock was to short for me. I have to say that these people have probably the best customer service i have come across peroid. They are fast and friendly and have gone out of their way to get this rifle back to me for an upcoming match next week. I should add that this rifle with 155gr smk's will knock a coyote head over heels at 350yds. Even with the gas port issue i would buy it again, and the current models have corrected that problem. I hope this helps some, blue.
  3. bluealtered

    Beater Guns?

    Thats easy, it would be the redx 5.56 upper i've had since may that would not load from day one no matter what mag was used. And is so out of spec. that it breaks rear pins if used with a composite lower, the chamber has such bad chatter marks and is so tight that you can't use the charging handle to remove a round after going into battery if you should need to. But to top all of it off, is the the way Neil of redx when contacted for help made it perfectly clear that there would never be any warranty work because it had been attached to a composite lower. By the way, i never asked for any warranty work. Just to talk to someone about what was happening with the rifle. I've been playing with the ar platform since the 60's and have never seen a worse ar upper in that time or worse customer service. Thats my beater, ... i feel like beating it across a rock every time i see it. But on a happy note, ... great to be here! blue
  4. bluealtered

    Blackthorn and Red X Arms AR Upper Assembly Kits

    Well here goes, hi as you can see this is my first post. I thought i would share my experinces with redx and let you decide for yourself about them. I have been around firearms for 40+ years and the ar platform since the mid 60's. I am not by any means a gun smith and don't pretend to be, i am a guy who likes to tinker and have enjoyed working on guns for as long as i can remember. I happen to work in a store with a very good sporting goods section and like most stores have had problems keeping ar platform type rifles in stock. Our store added redx uppers and new frontier lowers to our stock so we would have something to sale while waiting for our complete rifles to show up. I bought a redx 16" s.s. a3 upper and a new frontier lower to pin it on. The first time out it broke the pins in the lower in ten rds. I got new pins from new frontier and ten rds later they were broken. i did this three times and frontier sent me new pins each time i asked for them, no charge. They finally ask that i return the lower and sent me a new lower overnite, no charge. The same thing happened again and this time i contacted both redx and frontier and asked for help and any thoughts they might have on what was causing this. New frontier was up front and stated they just didn't know but would help in any way they could. The reply i got from Neil at redx was that all composite lowers were p.o.s.'s and that they would never honer my warranty because of using one. I explained that we were a store and stocking their product and needed some help here, his rely was so what, we don't care if you sell our products or not. To make a long story short i tried that upper on every ar type lower in the store and it didn't work on them i then took it to a good gun smith who stated it was out of spec enough between the pen holes that it would break out the take down pin everytime. So here i am, it also had such a tight chamber that you couldn't remove the fired brass, yes i repaired that since i had no warranty anyway. It also won't let you remove a round from it after going into battery if you should need to and scars the brass very badly when you can remove it. You can read about this whole thing over on predatormasters.com simply search for a"a tale of two companies", it's been long enough i don't remember if i put it in the firearms section or the ar section. So i now have complete upper thats worthless and that i won't sell because i won't screw someone like i got screwed. So Neil, what do you have to say to this? Heres a wonderfull chance to show how stand up your company is simply replace this defective upper with one that works and show us all how good your products are. Feel free to contact me any time at bluealtered@frontier.com