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  1. It's an extended rail so's I can put a red dot on and keep my line of sight low. I can still see under it to use the iron sights if'n I want to. Any suggestions on a good mid-range red dot? Guess I need a bi-pod as well.
  2. Um, And here I thought Bob was speaking in some sort of AR-Code. I had to read that one a couple of times before it sank in. Too funny. I'm gonna head down to Blanchardville this weekend to Yellowstone Lake. Here is a pic of the new gun. Just picked it up a little bit ago. Can't wait to put a few rounds through it.
  3. It's me. I'm here. And if this link is still alive and anyone wants to head over to B'ville this weekend to shoot a few rounds I'll be there. This is my new baby. Picked her up today. A gift from my favorite (and only!) bro. Ain't I the lucky one? '
  4. Well, for today, this is the best I can do. Hope this link works. It feels like Christmas today!!!
  5. Hi all. New to the site from Verona, Wi. My dear brother just sent me his prize AR15 and I pick it up tomorrow (yes, he's building another for himself). I'm pumped! Now, to find a place to shoot in the Madison area. Shouldn't be too difficult. I promise to do my research before posting on the forums but, as a noob, I'm sure I'll expose my lack of knowledge fairly soon. Please bear with me.
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