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  1. there are so many companies that people say are better than others and companies that make better rifles and dont make good ones. but as i can see so far Stag, Windham, S&W, and Colt seem to be some of the best?
  2. that would be a good sight if it didnt have the "zombie" name for it.. the actuall recticle would be fun to have.
  3. how does it shoot, how is the quality, and how does it feel shooting it?
  4. thats a nice lookin rifle there, i know that if i cant find anything better, im set on the windham MPC. but i just have to learn more about them first and also get the money to buy one i own a ruger 10/22 that im wanting to upgrade so im going to do that first, then get the AR. so ill have plenty of time ;) how is the grouping of your model 3? and the feel and quality?
  5. thanks for all the options for an AR, this ig going to take forever to find one i like! haha, but if it isnt too much, if you say a specific rifle name or company could you post the link to it? if it wont be too much.
  6. what would be the best one from DPMS to get that pretty much the basic rifle, or the best 3 to get from DPMS less then $1,00. because they have alot on their website and im new to this stuff, i need all the help i can get so i dont jack up on the one to get
  7. im new to the firearm industry and ive been looking for a good AR-15 to buy and i've been looking for awhile for a good firearms company and found that Windham, and Stag make good rifles for a decent price. i'll probably make it a free float barrel, and either put some magpul iron sights on it or some basic iron sights, and maybe a red dot but im not quite sure. but any help on either Windham or Stag is better for the price or any other company thats good for the price.
  8. you got a good lookin rifle there! great job!
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