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  1. I have to second on this! The Mech Tech is a blast literally. I run a Glock 20 on my setup more or less dedicated , totally reliable (over 2000 rnds.) and with a red dot good for 100-150 yds. easy. With a 3x prism or swing out magnifier and rifle hot loads, accurate at 200 yds . I love it so much I haven't had that lower off of it for almost two years now. Good thing I have two G20's and it's a no brainer for a pistol and carbine same cal. same mag set up! I'll post a pic of my duo later tomorrow. Capt. Thomas
  2. Capt. Thomas

    80% Poly Frame 1911?

    Has anyone got any info or where / if a 80% poly frame 1911 can be had? I am looking but only find Freedom Concepts Laboratory - Liberty MkIX http://liberty1911.com/ and it's apparently "been going to be available" for two years now...….. but still isn't? Am I just missing something out there in the huge internet world or is no one making a 80% poly frame 1911 after all this time? Many thanks! Capt. Tomas
  3. Capt. Thomas

    10mm Recoil Glock VS 1911

    +1 on this and the other like comments. I own and carry both the Delta and the G20 as my duty sidearm and it's not enough to REALLY make a difference. Trust me, if you ever have to use it to defend yourself...... you will never remember the felt recoil after it has saved your life My Delta has saved me twice up close & personal and my G20 once when I was clearing a jam from my M4 at about 15m. Capt. Thomas
  4. Capt. Thomas

    Which new 10mm should I get?

    +1 on the Elite Winess models! Very nice right out of the box and even better if you want to tinker or customize. On the Delta's....... again fine guns IMHO. I have had 9 different ones through the years starting the month they were released. Why so many? Well I would get one the way I liked it and some one would shoot it then keep begging to buy or trade, BUT...... I always can back and got another. My current Delta Elite has had 1500 or so full house Norma, Swamp Fox, Underwood etc. rnds. and at least that many factory box rnds. through and it tick's em' out like a Time-X. I carry it and switch off with my G20 for the last two tours with no issues. No more M9's for me ever again! Capt. Thomas
  5. Capt. Thomas

    4 Those w/experience.. BEST 308?

    I have been carrying the RRA Lar-8 Elite Operator for just over a year now and I can tell you that it's tough, handy (16" barrel) and deadly accurate past 400m. I have all the advantages of 7.62/.308 and have suffered no, zero, zilch nadda one failure! Droped, bumped, banged swimming in sand and dust, even blown up and impacted aganst the roof (try that with an M4)! nuff' said! Capt. Thomas
  6. Capt. Thomas

    If you had to choose

    Not a Bushy or a CMMG but........ have you looked at the RRA LAR-8 line? I will never carry an M4 again and I have been packing an LAR-8 Elite Op for over a year now. I wouldn't trade it anything, just a thought? Capt. Thomas