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  1. Who makes the AR? Or if you made it yourself what type of barrel, carrier, buffer and spring do you have? While it is totally normal to hear some degree of twang from the spring, you should also be made aware that the vast majority of "mass market" AR's on the market are severely over gassed, meaning that the gas port opening is just way too big. This is usually done for ease of manufacturing and also for perceived "reliability". When the system is over gassed it will function and cycle the weakest of ammo. The over gassing can case stress on the system, increased felt recoil, and a lounder than normal twang. When you hear/read people talking about increasing the weight of the buffer or the carrier or stiffer action springs, generally (not always) they are masking symptoms of over gassed AR's.
  2. A Historic day for Illinois. Important parts highlighted. http://www.isp.state.il.us/media/pre...ils.cfm?ID=761 SPRINGFIELD – Illinois State Police (ISP) Officials announced today that a list of all currently approved concealed carry firearms training curricula is now available on the ISP website at: http://www.isp.state.il.us/ Approved curricula are ready for use and available for all skills required by the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act (the “Act”), such as firearm safety; basic principles of marksmanship; care, cleaning, loading and unloading of a concealable firearm; transportation of a firearm; and instruction on the appropriate and lawful Interaction with law enforcement while transporting or carrying a concealed firearm. Approved instructors with access to approved curricula, may begin instruction immediately. The Department has also updated its approved firearms instructor registry that includes a wide range of instructors who have met all eligibility guidelines and requirements. A significant number of firearms instructor applications received were either incomplete or contained errors. Letters have been sent to affected instructor applicants for correction. These applications will be processed further upon receipt of the requested information. Approved instructors will receive a packet containing instructions outlining their responsibilities for the training under the Act. This packet will also contain a Certificate of Completion form that instructors will issue to class attendees upon successful completion of training. Training based on approved curricula may begin immediately. Concealed Carry License applications will be available by January 5, 2014. The Illinois State Police regularly updates its Concealed Carry FAQ’s with information regarding the Illinois Concealed Carry process. Updates may be found at: http://www.isp.state.il.us/
  3. You scared me! I thought I posted this, I use the same avatar pic on my facebook user. Phew! Yes some steel receiver extension/buffer tubes do exist. I was going to build a heavy weight AR15 upper and lower for bench rest shooting and was going to use as heavy a parts as I could find. At that time I did see some steel tubes on either gunbroker or ebay, but probably ebay since everythign there is from china already anyways.
  4. You are going to find alot of what I call top tier disease on the internet in regards to AR brand loyalty. I have some AR uppers in stock if you are interested, but that aside... What is the purpose of the rifle? I'll start there. There is good and there is good enough. Or in other words there is ferrari if you life depends on it and there is chevy for range plinking. I like Daniel Defense for quality. I like DPMS or CMMG for plinking. RRA falls in the middle. H&K is also top tier, so is Noveske, LWRCI, Colt of coarse, LMT and a couple more. You are going to pay more for a top tier AR15, or AR15 upper receiver, some people say you are just paying for a name and in some cases that may be true, but not usually. There are reasons for the added costs. It falls down to metalury and most importantly quality control. Metalurgy is important though because that's what you don't see until a few thousand rounds later. I am of the philosophy buy once cry once, but I also recognize that there is an AR15 for every budget. It all comes down to, what is the use of the rifle? I put together what I call the AR15 Designers guide which kind of walks you through the selection process of parts. It doesn't go into brand specifics but will allow you to understand where you may "skimp" and where maybe you shouldn't. The last thing to consider is nearly every manufacturer will have a basic or entry level model and will have models with bells and whistles so it's important to compare apples to apples.
  5. I am looking to rent small office space in a gun friendly town near Chicago Illinois, such as Desplaines or Wheeling to expand my gunsmithing business. Land Lord must give approval to the ATF so I can get my Federal Firearms License. In addition to the rent I'll give you all your shooting gear at wholesale cost. Email or call 773-980-7037 (email preferred).
  6. Trigger depends on the use of the rifle. It's like asking what's the best barrel or what's the best scope. Each depends on the use of the rifle. Gisellie may perhaps be the most common ar15 trigger replacement. They really have made a name for themselves in this market. They also have a variety of triggers available for each purpose. Timney makes good triggers all around, but I don't have experience with their AR15 triggers. I'd like to throw the RRA 2-stage into the mix for precision shooting.
  7. +1 If the trigger has already been pulled, the hammer has struck the firing pin and the firing pin the primer, the bullet has been expelled from the barrel and the firearm is safe. Thus no need to put it on safe. I haven't had a LPK or after market safety yet which allowed me to put the gun on safe when the hammer has been released.
  8. Start your own company. I did not graduate college and do not work in corporate america, but unless you want to be an exec at a fortune 500 company I don't see which college you graduated from mattering alot. Honestly. I do own two companies though.
  9. Wouldn't hurt to hit up the gov's facebook page too.
  10. I had this problem with a 16" DPMS carbine length upper with H buffer. Rebuilt the rifle to 18" mid length gas system, h2 buffer and haven't had the dented neck problem since.
  11. Put that PRS on it and you are good to go!
  12. Based on the commercials, I wouldn't watch it if it were free.
  13. People beleive what they see in the movies. I was having a conversation the other day about shooting two guns at once. I couldn't believe the guy I was speaking with thought it would be better. I told him if he did it anc gan hit the target 10 times with 20 rapid fire shots I'd buy him dinner. Unfortunately we wern't at the range. Pretty much if you see it in the movies do the opposite
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