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  1. Please contact Neil (NWatson99) if you want to become a sponsor of this forum. Do not post any advertisements, promotions, or links to your site until you have done so. Thanks. -PFW
  2. I am also very interested in the Black Hole Weaponry barrels. I talked to the owner a couple weeks ago. I ended up getting the 3 6.5G barrels I needed from Lothar Walther, but am still interested in BHW's barrels for future builds.
  3. He's going to put it on Gunbroker. It is NIB with bayonet and COlt scope 4x. 80's manufacture. Blue Book is about $1800, but who knows what the real value is! HotSHot, I already offered $500 for it... HAHAHA!!!
  4. I have been a member for a while, but just have so many different forums and crap to look at and moderate too! It gets crazy sometimes!
  5. Have a friend who wants to sell an unfired Colt AR15 with original box, bayo, 4x scope (Colt too), etc. This is what is marked on it. He has no idea what it's value is. AR-15 A2 HBAR SPORTER CAL. 223 SER. SP 231*** ON THE BARREL IS C MP 5.56 NATO 1/7 HBAR
  6. Anyone out there know a guy named Bob Cunningham? He is a BIG guy and used to be very heavily (and legally) into machine guns and such. Just haven't seen him in a long time and wondered where he was. Used to hunt with him in NY and been rafting with him too.
  7. The Pmags seem pretty nice, and way more durable than the plastics I have used before on my old Mini-14 I had. I guess you can drive over the frigging things they are so durable! I have not function tested them though. The cover for the top is a nice addition too as it keeps crud out when they are banging around in your bag, truck, or coat.
  8. Nice paint job!! I like the Magpul Enhanced Trigger Gaurd the best out of any I have seen, but it's personal and what works for you I guess. I gotta do some painting on my 6.5Grendel rifle. That 22" barrel is shiney stainless and sticks out like a sore thumb!!
  9. Thanks guys!!! I'll try and get some pix of my work up here asap. Check out www.wildcherrywoodworks.blogspot.com for a little preview of some of my newer stuff. Oh, and I make ammo keychains too, so if you need any, let me know! I'll try and get a little ad up here soon about that as well. It's the weekend, so I am just slipping a few minutes on the PC in. Hey colt45guy, I Curlymaple42, will NEVER buy a blocky yucky Glock thing and will spend all my money on SIG pistols for the rest of my days! HAHAHAHA!!! Yeh, they did have problems with the 1911 and the Mosquito. They fixed all that though. My dad had a Mosquito and it SUCKED! They replaced it though and his new one works great and groups awesome. But hey, whatever works for you! Thanks for the warm welcome!!
  10. That's the gun my daughter REALLY wanted on day when we were at the gunshop! I told her no though, as she's a lefty, and if she gets a lefty thumbhole, I can't shoot it too!! A lefty regular stock is fine. I actually like shooting lefty bolt guns off the bench. You can keep your hand on the grip that way.
  11. I just picked up a Savage Mark2 lefty youth bolt .22 for my 5yr old daughter! I have not given it to her yet, as she is not quite ready, but I wanted to score it NOW as prices keep heading higher. It was basically $200. I am telling you, for a little .22 bolt gun, that damn Accutrigger is better than any trigger in my safe!!! Nice clean and crisp. Man she is gonna love that gun, probably almost as much as me!!
  12. I just got a Pmag and am very interested to see how it holds up and runs. I also will likely get a few more so I can mod one so it feeds .50Beo and 6.5G. That little tab in the front messes up the .50B from feeding, but so long as it does not screw up the follower (which catches on it), it should feed the .50B fine with a bit of grinding. I like the smell of grinding plastic much better than metal too... sniff sniff!!
  13. Anyone out there know a guy named Bob Cunningham? He is a BIG guy with a big mouth, but VERY nice. He is from VT and used to have lot's of machine guns and such. I would like to contact him again. Thanks!
  14. Hey! A mainer here. This is my first post!
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