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  1. You could buy that upper, probably shoot good ammo with at least minute of man accuracy. I truly cannot say how it will perform, also you will need a BCG. I would suggest getting a BCM upper http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-Standard-20-Upper-Receiver-Group-w-BCM-KMR-p/bcm-urg-std-20-kmr-a-13.htm with BCG it will be around $700 and keep your build under $1k. You will eventually upgrade components, so you should make sure you put the most money into the most expensive and important part now. Because it will suck when you want more accuracy, and you realize you need to spend another $700+ to get a better upper.
  2. PTAC... Range toy, beater, and 2moa (with match ammo) are things that come to mind when it comes to PTAC. Still would buy if I can get someone to lock in a mag and transfer.
  3. The MSRP of the Insulated is $27.95, The Utility (Might be a custom or old model) is probably $16-19 (cannot find exact match)... Got both for $19.96 at my local Walmart! Also pictured is my Paramilitary 2
  4. Well you can have as many as you want :D But i'm just wondering what peoples compromise optic would be.
  5. On one rifle what would it be? To make it clear, it is implied that said single rifle is for general range use, possible HD and SHTF. I am not into the whole bug out and SHTF stuff, but, if I were to have a single rifle I want my optic choice to allow CQB-600m(with minute of man accuracy).
  6. Miculek, Surefire pro comp or BCM mod 0. haven't used a dragon head yet but want to.
  7. Annoying phrase said by many girls I know... Well, that is how "Oltremare" by Ludovico Einaudi makes me feel. Ludovico Einaudi - Oltremare: [/YouTube]
  8. I just bought the 14.5" with BCM comp pinned. Great deal, it isn't the cheapest but it is the least expensive for a top level upper.
  9. Added a link to pics, apparently this will be an all time record snowfall in 24 hours, anywhere in the country. http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/the-most-terrifying-pictures-of-the-snow-in-buffalo?s=mobilelink posted in OP
  10. We will get 82 inches by the end of the week and they have found 4 dead now.
  11. Its crazy, it is clear roads at my work, I drive two mins south and it gets like that. http://m.wcvb.com/weather/uncut-timelapse-video-shows-wall-of-snow-creeping-into-buffalo-new-york/29803812 Here is a time lapse
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